Hey everyone!

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  1. Lotte_B96

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    Hey everyone! I'm Charlotte :)

    I got Stardew Valley (ps4) I think about 1 month ago, and I am absolutely obsessed with it. It's a game with a simple concept but for some reason, it is my favourite game of all time. I do struggle to make a lot of money though. If anyone has any tips about this game, then please don't hesitate to message me.
  2. Bonabopn

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    hiyo! welcome to the forums, poke! ^u^

    my favourite money-gaining method is to unlock the greenhouse and fill it with ancient fruit plants. ancient fruit seeds are rare, but their fruit can be turned into more seeds at a seedmaker. they are really expensive!
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  3. Lotte_B96

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    Ah thankyou! ^_^ I never would have thought of this method but I haven't yet unlocked the greenhouse so that is next on my list of goals.
  4. Pangaea

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    Welcome to the forums!
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  5. Moor Al-Malik

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    Hello and welcome, Charlotte! Nice to meet you!

    My method in finding money in Stardew Valley is by planting a crops that can be harvest many times. So you don't have to buy seeds again after the harvest, therefore you can save up more money.

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