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    I think there should be different types of herbs added to Starbound. One could cultivate these herbs and make medicinal mixtures with them. The name of the mixture would be a designation pieced together from the ingredients, with each ingredient having a text segment associated with it. Certain ingredients would pair well together, and can cause beneficial effects like faster energy refill or slight health regen. Other ingredients, when combined, would have very bad effects on the player, such as hallucinations (like fake monsters and stuff), stunted energy refill, poison and confusion (scrambled controls). In addition, taking one mixture and then a different one would effectively combine the total effects of all the ingredients of all mixtures consumed, which could be extraordinarily bad. They stack up to 10, and they have the effects of food, only they don't refill the hunger meter, they don't spoil and the effects are slightly less, with a few weird effects thrown in.

    Herbal medicine and folk healing exist in reality, and it's probably what "potions" really are. I'm trying to make this sound as "non-druggy" as I can, but if you make only fictional herbs and non-drug real ones, you could potentially get away with not having the "Drug Use" label put on the game.

    EDIT: Ooh! What if you could lace your melee weapons and solid bow shots with the mixtures? You'd right click the weapon with the mixture, and it would be good for three strikes or three shots.

    Also, what if recipes could be made with water, healing water or poison? Healing water would lessen harmful effects while strengthening good ones, and poison would do the opposite.

    There would be three levels of the crafting station, with each one allowing more reagents in one mixture, and making mixtures stronger.
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