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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hel, May 16, 2017.

  1. Surenu

    Surenu Cosmos Killer

    8k is very good. The 35 were more because I was ordered to walk them, not because I particularly enjoyed it.

    Fun fact: The waffles in the army were top-tier, better than anything you can get in grocery stores. Army food was and is a little hit-or-miss for me, but the waffles, coffee, pea soup and cookies were perfect.
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  2. TheCobaltMask

    TheCobaltMask Oxygen Tank

    Once again, waffles remain supreme!
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  3. Surenu

    Surenu Cosmos Killer

    Easily the best dessert you could get in dining halls in combination with standard issue ice cream. The pudding, another dessert I usually like very much, was always a bit thick, a borderline disgusting texture.

    As for main courses, I love lentil stew. The really good stuff like porkchop and fries was only served out in the field because it makes zero sense to eat that stuff from a mess kit. Whoever made the meal plans back then either wanted to mess with us or had no idea how mess kits work. I mean, this totally looks perfect for eating porkchops or fries or steaks or similar out of, right?
  4. Hel

    Hel Music Mistress Forum Moderator


    I dont follow an exercise program and I eat a fair bit of unhealthy food. Its mainly because I dont like healthy food whatsoever. The walks and work keep some weight away. Lately I feel like im gaining though :c
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  5. Surenu

    Surenu Cosmos Killer

    Last time I saw the IRL you on a picture you were pretty thin though.
    As for healthy and unhealthy foods: You must be preparing the healthy stuff wrong because healthy food can be absolutely superior in terms of taste.
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  6. Hel

    Hel Music Mistress Forum Moderator

    Yea. I think im gaining a lil weight.

    I dunno. I mean like I dont eat fruit often but I looooove fruit. And I dont like every vegetable on the planet.

    Probs the healthiest thing I can stomach is pasta. I love pasta
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  7. Surenu

    Surenu Cosmos Killer

    Who doesn't? I don't easily trust people who don't like pasta.
    I understand that, though I am not very picky about food myself - growing up dirt poor will do that to ya. Find something you like and make a habit out of eating it. Personally, I love pickles. They have all the vitamins and I like sour stuff.
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  8. Hel

    Hel Music Mistress Forum Moderator

    My mom hates cooking for me because im extremely picky.

    If food has something on or in it I dont like I wont eat it.

    Dunno why its just how I am now.

    I think I need to sleep now so night night all :D
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  9. Surenu

    Surenu Cosmos Killer

    Sleep tight Cupcake :cathug:
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  10. Firebird Zoom

    Firebird Zoom Giant Laser Beams

    You sound like my aunt.
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  11. HueHuey

    HueHuey Giant Laser Beams

    Reminds me of this
  12. Jimlad 42

    Jimlad 42 Supernova

    Nirning guys and waffles.
    Nirning Valak.
    Ninring Charlatan.
    Nirning Surenu.
    Nirning EMag.
    Nirning Hidari.
    Nirning Blueshard.
    Nirning Firepaw.
    Nirning Milkcalf.
    Nrining Blaze.
    Nirning Hel.
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  13. I'd still recommend the rebuilds though. Not sure what you're watching but if you just watch the normal show with no context, it can get quite confusing.
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  14. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    Apparently, Valik was correct. I just assumed it was Valek because we were speaking english.

    Look, I don't know russian nicknames, 'k?

    nirning Jim.
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  15. Pangaea

    Pangaea Cosmic Narwhal

    Currently listening to the first movement of the "Moonlight" sonata and it's bringing back so many memories. After I taught myself how to play it was when my mum decided I should take piano lessons. I swear I played it at least once a day, partly by request of family and friends. Hm, I suppose I miss playing music more than I thought I did. Oh well.
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  16. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time


    Yuki-chan still likes me. After all I've done, all the crap I've pulled, she still likes this undecided, presumptuous fool.(edit: albeit only as a friend). Yuki is bae.
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  17. Pangaea

    Pangaea Cosmic Narwhal

    Great to hear! Good luck!
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  18. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    I feel so guilty about all this, I don't think I even deserve her. I wouldn't blame her if she hates me now, despite saying that.

    Well, I won't waver anymore. I'll just tell her how things are and I'll be 100% honest, bad stuff and all. And the all that is left is to hope within hope that she sees in herself to forgive this old, broken piece of shit that is me.
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  19. Pangaea

    Pangaea Cosmic Narwhal

    I'd say "if she doesn't forgive you then she isn't worth it" but that would be a bit naïve I think. Still, being honest is a very good thing and maybe make sure she understands that you won't "waver anymore".
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  20. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    Nah, I've done wrong by her. I asked her out and were impatient with her reply. I will accept it if she can't forgive me. Heck, I probably wouldn't forgive me...
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