Chat Hels Chatroom III: We've been to Helen back!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hel, Feb 1, 2017.

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  1. BigEaredKittens

    BigEaredKittens Master Astronaut

    "Puta madre!" [Dhakka intensifies]

  2. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    you just sounded like my panamenian friend from school.
  3. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    "Hey puta!"
    *grabbed from behind*
    *zombie shot of him*
    "Marco, you gotta shoot me brother, I don't wanna be one if those flesheating freaks"
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  4. Waffle-Chan

    Waffle-Chan Guest

    I also would be interested in seeing this film(if it existed)
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  5. BigEaredKittens

    BigEaredKittens Master Astronaut

    Is a hotdog a sandwhich or a taco?
  6. Waffle-Chan

    Waffle-Chan Guest

    The one thing humanity has questioned!
  7. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    Actually I believe it is a roll, as that is what it is served in.
  8. BigEaredKittens

    BigEaredKittens Master Astronaut

    This is getting complicated!
  9. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    The 500th page is upon us!
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  10. Waffle-Chan

    Waffle-Chan Guest

    My brain hurts!

    We should stop for now. Hel should get the last post, and we're on page 499.

    Goodbye thread, it's been fun. May you die in peace, and you live in our memories
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  11. Surenu

    Surenu The End of Time

    I am kind of afraid of posting now. @Hel will probably enact revenge if I steal her last post.

    A movie about zombie vs drug cartels? Heck yes, I'd watch this. Make them nazi zombies while we're at it for a full Dead Snow x Sicario crossover
  12. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    Oh, well. I'm about to go to bed. I am glad I got a chance to say "goodbye thread" before it's over.
  13. Jimlad 42

    Jimlad 42 Supernova

    So that means you've beaten the best ending on that game now?
    Good luck with that, it seems like kids these days are horrible and evil. (At least in America, no idea if that trend is going along in Germany too. But a Youtuber I watch had to give up on her teaching cerrerr after the kids were horrible, and my mom had the same experience.)
    Now I'm remembering a story of an ex-military teacher who had a chest cast. At the beginning of the class he left the window open so his tie flapped around. He grabbed the stappler and stapled his tie to his chest.
    He had no trouble after that.
    Nirning Valak. Sleep well. You'll be summoned to the new thread soon.

    Nirning guys and waffles.
    Nirning Valak.
    Nirning Charlatan.
    Nirning Surenu.
    Nirning EMag.
    Nirning Hidari.
    Nirning Blueshard.
    Nirning Firepaw.
    Nirning Milkcalf.
    Nirnroot Pudding for ~ Iris ~.
    Nirning Hel.
    Soon, the thread will end, and will be reborn like a phoenix rising from the ashes.
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  14. KookyKeronian

    KookyKeronian Parsec Taste Tester

  15. Hel

    Hel ✨ Johto's Finest ✨ Forum Moderator

    Bye bye thread.


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