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    Hello fellow farmers!

    I´ve spend more than 200 hours in Stardew Valley and honestly I fell in love with its art style and characters. And there has been one specific line I simply can´t forget:

    In one of the first minutes of the game you´re told that by selling your goods, you will help Pelican Town´s economy, yet there isn´t really much evidence that you changed anything significant.

    - Harvey still doesn´t get many patients.
    - Clint´s Goods are still mostly bought by you (except if you count the sentence of Marlon at the Stardew Valley Fair, in which he will tell you that Clint´s weapons are getting better, but his prices are rising aswell).
    - The art of fishing is still endangered, since except the player and Willi nobody is willing to use a fishing rod.

    So here is something I would like to propose and get your opinion on:
    How about giving the player the option to use money to invest in these three shops I mentioned?
    But why exactly should the player do it ? What are possible improvements for his/her gameplay experience ?

    So here are some of my ideas:

    -> By investing in Harvey´s Clinic the player could get monthly letters from Harvey in which is a present, for example low ranked medicine or a small cut of the Clinic´s Income ,small drops on prices for medicine at the counter and a small boost of friendship for Harvey (and Maru). Following the Investment a cutscene could show a small advertisement street sign being erected on the road the bus takes when the player moves to Pelican Town. In the next years the waiting room in the Clinic will contain other patients. (See the citizens that visit when the Stardew Valley Fair Event, as a possible example of design and mechanics)

    -> By investing in Clint´s Business the player could also get letters from Clint each month with presents (see above, only instead of medicine ores, coal , etc), drops on prices for upgrading gear and processing geodes (I know that the price for processing geodes is already low, yet I think this change can be a huge factor in the end game, when the player already upgraded his/her tools to the max) and also a boost of friendship. Following the investment an additional televison channel could be implemented. This will give Clint more attention in the "outside world" and maybe improve his self esteem.
    Note: The channel could also just be mentioned in dialogues, instead of being accesible by the player.
    Sometimes a (group of) knight(s) can be seen standing near Clint´s Shop, after the player has invested in this Business.

    -> By investing in Willi´s Fishing Shop the player could get monthly let.. (I think youre guessing whats next).
    Following the investment, small fishing boats will sometimes float across the ocean, from one side of the screen to the other with people in it (if rainy weather ,they could wear a yellow rain coat).

    So these were my ideas, I know this forum isn´t as lively as others, so it is all the more important you share your thoughts with me and give me feedback.

    Thank you, and have a nice Day
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      I like the idea, maybe with that animals can get sick, (but it need to be a rare event like, 1 time a year) even the player, and you need to buy medicines to treat that; in this scenario my idea comes in, the terraforming tool, to able it you need to invest in the Carpenter's Shop; In the Willi's Fishing Shop, maybe u can invest to able a boat that you can go to some ocean areas and fish bigger and differents fishes;

      But there's one thing, all these things need to be expensive, end game content, in my opinion;
      We all have good ideas and we can dream with then, maybe one day these features come out :nuruwink:
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        Maybe a chance for your animals to get sick if you leave them outside during rain or overnight?
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          I like those ideas. Also adding to your "Animals get sick": there is a remark that animals were attacked by wild animals after being forgotten outside in the night. Maybe this could make them injured instead of being another meaningless remark.

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