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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Mr2coonas, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Mr2coonas

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    Hello I am Nas. This thread is a suggestion I thought of for Xbox One, PS4, and Pc Stardew Valley. (Console isn't out globally until Dec 14th).
    So what if your dog or cat can serve an actual purpose.

    There should be a relationship with your pet (like the residents)

    Birthday for your pet

    Gifts for your pet such as a toy, or treat.

    The higher your relationship with your pet, the better chance of your dog or cat finding something valuable for you. (Gold, Diamonds, Earth Crystal's, Topaz, Money, etc.)

    Your pet should be able to find something for you and be treated like the other farm animals.

    He or she should start as a little pup and grow if you feed it dog food from Marnie's (much like the farm animals)

    If your dog is fed it should increase your relationship and chance to get something.

    That's all I could think of maybe the developer(s) can add on to that, if they see this thread at all.

    Thanks for Reading
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    • henrycosmic

      henrycosmic Poptop Tamer

      I like the idea maybe the dog could scare the monsters or also help you at mining
      maybe it could help putting the chickens on the location you want...............
      • Mr2coonas

        Mr2coonas Master Chief

        Thats such a good idea about scaring the monsters and guiding the chickens. I don't really see how the mining help would work out though.
        • henrycosmic

          henrycosmic Poptop Tamer

          Maybe they could introduce more pets or something like monster taming :3 for example i have a firefly pet wish could help me with the shadows
          anyway i rlly like your idea C: also sorry for bad english
          • Mr2coonas

            Mr2coonas Master Chief

            Yeah that sounds pretty cool. I hope alot of people see this thread and like/follow it so it can possibly be added ton the game for all platforms (except Wii U. Won't be released for Wii U)
            • Firebeez

              Firebeez Void-Bound Voyager

              Yes! I was just coming to suggest something like this! It would be neat if you could play with the pet especially. Like throw a ball for them. Maybe even little pet hats or something cute
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              • _PandorasBox_

                _PandorasBox_ Sandwich Man

                The Dog could help herd Animals into their barns or coops, maybe even try to fight off Wolves if an Animal is left outside ( Could get hurt, and depending on your luck, either save the Animal or fails in it ). Then you could feed it a treat to help heal them.
                Cats could maybe attack Chickens or Ducks if they're not fenced in, or help scare off Crows if you don't have a Scarecrow.
                I dunno, just my ideas c:
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                • MrDrako

                  MrDrako Seal Broken

                  i like the idear of pets doing something special.

                  Like Dog:
                  Fetching animals into barns at night, if u have a cat then there is a Change animals stays outside and the player has to guide them inside. (counts for all animal types)
                  They could also dig for stuff such as finding clay, stone, diamonds, anything, and what kind of stuff they find relates to the Friend'o meter with the dog.
                  They could also like sad, Fight of wolf's if it happens that animals stays outside.

                  Scare crows, maybe even catch crows or other birds, that the player then can collect in a Bird house.
                  They could get fish for the player, related to the friend'o meter how rare and many fishes they catch.

                  more jobs could be given to the pets
                  and the player then selects what he/she wishes the pet to do.
                  so the pet does what the player whants, again depending on the freind'o meter. (or it may even do what it whants if the friendships is low.)
                  Maybe even Teach the Dog or cat some tricks, like bringing stuff from a - b.
                  or learn them to Fight off the Mobs coming to the farm, and depending on the Pets strenth and training, he wins and gets loot or fails and gets wounded.

                  i realy like the idear of havind a usefull pet, as a helper.
                  Maybe even add more Pets to purchase instead of chousing at beginning.

                  Sry for my bad english.
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