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    Hello! I need help with sv soo, i played with my 2 friends on multiplayer and we have 24 day of fall, one of them have 10 hearts with npc and wanted to take marriage, but she have cabin, ugly cabin made of stone and she dislike this. the friend what make the server demolished hers cabin when she isnt in game but she cant come to us again. we make her new wooden cabin but she have new farmer. AND HERE IS THE QUESTION, how to turn back the day? we want 24 day but we dont know how:( can someone help us with this?

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      Please note that the Starbound section is NOT for Stardew Valley related things. I moved your topic to the Stardew Valley multiplayer section.

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        Unless you have a backup of the save file before you demolished the cabin, you can not go back to the 24th of Fall aka turn back time (as far as I know). Unfortunately, that's the only way I know how is reverting back to an old save file. I know there are mods out there that slow down or halt time, if you might be interested in something like that, they can be found here:

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