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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by X-Kid, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. X-Kid

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    Hello everyone,

    Since I am new to the forums, I wasn't quite sure which category to put this in. But anyways, I have seen people in the past use a gun to insta-kill someone that wasn't in PvP. I have looked it up, but I couldn't find any useful sources. Along with that question, I have 2 more:

    2) Can a single gun use more than 1 projectile at once? (Example: A gun that shoots pigs and carrots both at once.)

    3) If possible, would someone possibly be able to give me a list of every usable projectile in the game? When I say usable, I mean to be able to bind it to a gun, because I have tried out certain projectiles but when I fire nothing comes out(If that makes sense). If I could have a list, I would be ever so grateful. Thanks for reading.

  2. Linkdeous

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    For the first question, i cannot give you more info. If there was in a server, i think it's a addon / plugin / mod who add a admin gun in the game.

    2) I think it's possible, take the shotgun weapon files, copy it, and modify the files, to have a projectile, but i really dunno if there is any possiblity for making a Pig/carrot, maybe a gun can do that vannila ,but with a CHARGED shoot, so it would be 2 separate projectile, but can be usefull if you're making for exemple a modern rifle, with a grenade launcher.

    3)you have to modify the GUN FILES to make it shoot something, if you just put a ammo texture/config file, the config of the gun will not even search it, you have to edit the cfg files of the gun to be able to go directly search for the ammo.

    I hope it helped you.
  3. Medic12

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    I'm a bit new to modding myself but I can help you a wee bit...
    As far as I'm aware, you can only give one projectile to one fire mode... but you can add an alternate fire to shoot a different projectile with the same gun, I've come across sniper rifles that have a a grenade launcher for their alt-fire.
    As for your other question, you can use Dolan's ModpackHelper ( to unpack the game's assets and see the different projectiles that can be fired.

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