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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by leinglo, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. leinglo

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    Okay, try as I might, I cannot get a custom crafting table to work, and It's less about getting it to work as a crafting table and more about just getting it craftable in the first place. I've got all the assets set up, and yet it refuses to show up as a recipe at the inventor's table.

    These are the errors I keep getting in the log:
    [Error] Exception caught loading asset: /recipes/mechtable.recipe, (AssetException) Could not read JSON asset /recipes/mechtable.recipe

    Caused by: (JsonParsingException) Cannot parse json file: /recipes/mechtable.recipe

    [Error] Could not load recipe /recipes/mechtable.recipe: (AssetException) Error loading asset /recipes/mechtable.recipe

    I've attached the whole log file.

    At this point, I honestly cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong here. Obviously I'm missing something, but I've got a player.config.patch to know the recipe. The recipe itself is a copy of the craftinganvil recipe from the base game assets, just renamed with my item as the output. I'm cross referencing multiple mods that have custom crafting tables, and so far as I know I'm doing exactly what they're doing, except their mods actually work. So, what the heck?

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  2. The | Suit

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    You should keep reading the log
    Caused by: (JsonParsingException) Error parsing json: unexpected character parsing word at 4:3
    Line 4 - space 3.
  3. leinglo

    leinglo Phantasmal Quasar

    Just imagine you're talking to an idiot, mate. What does that mean? Do I need an extra space, do I need to get rid of one, what? I can't see anything wrong with that spot, vanilla recipes look exactly the same there. In fact, this was edited from a vanilla recipe, and the only thing I changed was the input and output items.

      "input" : [
       { "item" : "ironbar", "count" : 15 },
      "output" : {
      "item" : "mechtable",
      "count" : 1
      "duration" : 3,
      "groups" : [ "inventorstable" ]
    What's on Line 4 - space 3 that I'm not seeing?
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  4. The | Suit

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    A Coma is only used if another line ill proceed after it.
    { "item" : "ironbar", "count" : 15 }, <--
    The program is expecting there to be information after this comma
    Since no information exists, it is not necessary. Hence the error.
  5. leinglo

    leinglo Phantasmal Quasar

    Alright. Got it working. Thanks.

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