Modding Help Help with adding the new locations of SVE to the Fast Travel mod

Discussion in 'Mods' started by gabrielsu0, Aug 3, 2019.

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    Hey there! i'm still new at editing mods here at SV so i wanted to know how i can add the new location of SVE to the fast travel mod, i don't plan to upload anything of sorts, i didn't make the mod i shouldn't get any credit of it, besides i don't feel comfortable uploading mods in general but that's besides the point.

    I finished up my first SV playthrough with only minor mods, things like prismatic tools,winter crops this sorta stuff. so not that i'm getting started the the Expanded mod i wanted to fix this one issue i'm really having so far (well that and huge loading times but that isn't an issue so far).

    i know about the little tutorial the autor put on the page but i'm having trouble really getting the Expanded's map locations, i would say that's my main issue so far.

    The mod still works with vanilla locations,so it's not a pressing issue, but would be nice to have all the fast travel points up and running.

    Anyways, i very much appreciate any help, hope you people have a good day ^^
    (amazing game btw, huge props to the developer and anyone that helped the guy along the way, you people rock)
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      You should still ask FlashShifter to see if your mod is compatible with SVE - I hate for you to work all this time for nothing. However, I should note that you need to be careful as fast travel may trip up some cutscenes.
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      • gabrielsu0

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        i assume it's compatible, at least in the basic terms. the cutscenes still trigger (or at least the 3 i had so far) and the vanilla locations are still there to teleport to.

        all i would really need to find out are the coordinates of each area and i should be able to homebrew something here.

        btw the mod isn't mine or anything, i'm trying to edit a already existing mod just to use it myself,sorry if i made it seem otherwise. and yeah i could contact the mod authors, but i don't want to bother them, they are problermably busy/ not even working on the mods anymore so i don't think it's worth it to bother them.

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