Modding Help Help? Why does the resetted elemental type doesn't work?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by ExtremeLanding, Dec 4, 2022.

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    See this: This is a broadsword's .activeitem file, when I change this elementalType parameter to fire, poison etc. the weapon became out of action. It swang for only once and stuck, and created an error in the log. How does this happen? How to solve it?

    The error in the log:
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    The script that handles the weapon ability (here: broadswordcombo) builds a name for the "swoosh" using the provided element.
    Using this name it tries to find the particleEmitter of the blade which have to be defined inside the .animation file.

    I assume your animation file is a copy of "energybroadsword.animation" which in its "particleEmitters" only defines "physicalswoosh" and "blade"


    For you to use another element you would have to add or change the "physicalswoosh" to the element you want. -> ("fireswoosh" or "poisonswoosh")
    Take a look into broadsword.animation where there are definitions for the default starbound elements.
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  3. ExtremeLanding

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    Thanks, it solved!

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