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    Hello guys.

    Seeing there are many talented artists gathering here (both aspiring and experienced), I would like to create a hub thread to gather any and all art resources we can find, as well as to help and support each other. I might be a little too ambitious on this, but it’s all done with good intentions and I hope this might work and benefit everyone involved.

    I created the thread in the fanart section as this place has more traffic as well as having the ‘tutorial’ tag but if mods think this belongs to the general art section, please move it there as you see fit, thank you.

    So how does this thread work?

    I would like you to post and share your own stash of online art resources here! Tutorials, free references, suggestions, artists, software/hardware recommendations, personal tips, anything will do. In addition, don’t be shy to share tips, ask questions and answer others, and I’ll organize eveyone’s contribution on this/first post with credits and keep this thread updated.

    General rules:
    -Don’t be afraid to ask – even the most basic questions are valuable to the contribution of this thread!
    -Be generous.
    -Keep your resources legal!(e.g. don’t share pirated copies of physical art books)
    -ANY art genre is welcome.

    Free art software:
    GIMP – image editor/drawing program
    Inkscape – vector based drawing program

    Pose ref:

    3D models:


    Comic resources:

    How do I Comic Book by Ricelily

    Art streams:
    http://iradukai.com/ - Japanese site that sorts art streams by software.

    Resource hub around the internet:

    As you can see, what I can provide for now is rather limited (and niche-y), so I’d like anyone to ask and answer as much as you can. Currently I have a couple questions too.

    -what is the best program for pixel art (and probably animation as well)?
    -Recommended 3D programs?
  2. Dragonclaw

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    WOAH this looks SO useful!

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    3D Program: Blender. It's complicated but really powerful (I think. I never got too far).
    Pixel Art Program: Microsoft paint. Just resize to a 32x32 pixel thing. I'm thinking of Starbound-grade pixel art though.
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