Modding Help Help,please!(i dont know how to code/make frames)

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Utkudakid, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Utkudakid

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    Im making a critter and its gonna drop its tamed version if beaten up.I want its tamed furniture version to have frames,so how do i code them?(I can make pixel art just fine)
  2. projectmayhem

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    Here is an example, its the Frames file for my Baby Colo Fish tank

    "frameGrid" : {
    "size" : [36, 25],
    "dimensions" : [5, 2],
    "names" : [
    [ "default.0", "default.1", "default.2", "default.3", "default.4" ],
    [ "default.5", "default.6", "default.7", "default.8", "default.9" ]

    "aliases" : {
    "default.default" : "default.0"

    So, the size, is how Wide and how Tall each frame is. Each frame of my fish tank is 36 pixels wide and 25 pixels tall.
    the dimensions is how many columns of frames, and how many rows. I have 5 columns and 2 rows.

    Then you name each frame, as you can see, my names follow the dimensions, 5 columns on two rows.

    the aliases, I'm not 100% for sure on, I think it just allows you to assign easier names? I don't even know. If you have trouble getting it to work, just PM me.

    And don't forget you also need an Object file for your tamed furniture. Here is the example for my fish tank

    "objectName" : "SWMcolotank",
    "colonyTags" : ["pretty"],
    "printable" : false,
    "rarity" : "Uncommon",
    "description" : "Baby Colo in a tank",
    "shortdescription" : "Baby Colo Fish Tank",
    "race" : "generic",
    "category" : "decorative",
    "price" : 400,

    "inventoryIcon" : "colotankicon.png",
    "orientations" : [
    "dualImage" : "colotank.png:<color>.<frame>",

    "imagePosition" : [-20, 0],
    "frames" : 10,
    "animationCycle" : 6.5,

    "spaceScan" : 0.1,
    "anchors" : [ "bottom" ]


    In there you define your number of frames, and how long you want it to take for one cycle through.
  3. Utkudakid

    Utkudakid Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Thanks alot.Now i'll try to make it blink.

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