WIP (Help Needed) Stardew Valley Voice Acting Mod

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    At one point or another, everybody's ended up making up their own voice for a character that doesn't normally have one. However, we're looking to change that in Stardew Valley with this mod - and the team needs new members to help out, including voice actors.

    50+ characters, all voice lines - just waiting to be voiced. With that in mind, we'll need a lot of people! So, you want to help out? Here's the roles you can volunteer for and the requirements you need to fill to do them:

    Voice Actor

    • Good microphone
    • Time to record
    • Approved audition

    • C# knowledge/capability (for implementing audio files)

    Audio Editor
    • Ability to master/trim/remove background noise/etc
    • Time to edit audio

    That's about it! And if you fill all other criteria for the voice actor role and you're not confident in your ability to voice a character, just practice a bit and try out! Some of the most suitable auditions for characters were made by people with little actual voice acting experience, so you never know. You could be the next one.

    So, you fit all the criteria of a role you're interested in doing - what now? Contact me on Discord and we can discuss things further! If you're approved, you'll be sent an invite to the Discord server, where the whole project is organized and discussed. My Discord account is: Demitri#3760

    Hope to see you on the team to make this project reach it's goal!

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