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Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Narelle, Jun 15, 2019.

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    Hi! I've been having lots of fun designing the interior of my ship lately but I'm stumped on how to handle the last couple of rooms. I'm looking for suggestions.

    Here's what I have right now:
    Most of it is either done or just waiting on furniture pieces I need to acquire. I'll also probably go back and add little touches when I've finished all the rooms.

    The rooms I'm stuck on are the ones marked "WIP".

    #s 1 and 2 I have the aesthetic down for, but I need to fine tune what to do with them. I'd like every room to either have a function for me, the player, or have a function that would make sense for my captain, Puddles. The rooms I have now: Captain's quarters, crew quarters, kitchen, farm, wardrobe, treasure room, Frogg. 2 might be a trophy room? Not sure.

    4.5 is kind of half done. I have a vague idea of how I want to deal with the lower section, but I'm putting it off in case I need to shove more things in that didn't fit elsewhere (how the wardrobe area ended up in there).

    3 and 4 are the problem areas. Functionally, I really need storage and crafting tables at my disposal. But I can't figure out how I want to handle that with my ship's aesthetic.

    There's no getting around the tables not matching my floran plant vibes, and there's just so many that eat up so much space. Maybe I need to just give up and accept the inconvenience and store any I don't use frequently, and just leave enough space to use them when I need to?

    Storage wise, I need efficient storage that matches the look. The current pile of chests was just a way to get them out of the way wile I worked on the rest of the ship. I need something nicer looking for a permanent solution. I'm seriously considering scattering chests throughout my decor and having to hunt through them to find the items I need, despite how incredibly inconvenient that would be.

    Feedback? Suggestions? I'm stuck!

    (Oh, this is vanilla. I don't want to install mods.)
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    Room 1 could be for a pet . A Quagmutt maybe.
    And for tha farm on the top, I think that florans may prefer Oculemons and Boneboos.
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    That's a nice ship, I think I'm going to use it for inspiration for my ship. I think that WIP 1 could be a good spot for garden or monument with a statue or zen rocks on the hill. For 4 and 3 I would out high tech objects such as the architects table and atomic furnace in one room and make it look like that part was made of scavenged scrap metal, and put the less high tech stations in the other room.
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