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    I think the publisher should be more interested in the IOS version because the player is quite crowded ... And please allow backing up the game in Icloud because it is easy to change the machine ... And regularly update ... Thank you
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      Use the Files app to create a folder on iCloud Drive into which you copy your gamefile and its associated info file from Stardew's folder on your iDevice. I have end-game ones for each season so that I can instanty start from wherever in the year I feel like.

      Do be aware that unless you start a completely new game, all your saves will overwrite one another when you load them back in to play, because Stardew keeps the same filename and keys off that for the folder name, so you will break its in-game selection menu if you alter the folder name on your iDevice, which is why you _have_ to overwrite in order to load in a save from iCloud.

      I select each of those 2 files separately because it's most reliable that way. Tap the Folder icon shown along the bottom, then navigate to Stardew's folder on your iDevice for your target gamefile to overwrite.

      Not sure what you mean by "crowded".
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        My device is not JB yet ... but can you shoot a clip that is easy to understand?
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          how to ?

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            Forum won't do video, but you want the Titans_207532299 and SaveGameInfo files.

            In the Files app, first on iCloud Drive make a folder to put them. You tap and hold on blank space in your iCloud file screen to pop up a menu with New Folder as an option. I called mine, obviously, Stardew. Then navigate onto your device by tapping "<" in the upper-left corner enough times to see its listing, then tap on it and you'll see Stardew's own folder with its icon on it. Go in there and there's a folder for each game you have going. Pick which you want then it'll show its files just like your screenshot. Hit Select in the top-right, tap either of those 2 files I mentioned, then tap the folder icon in the lower-right and navigate to your iCloud folder for it that you made and then tap Done in the top-right corner. Do the same for whichever is the other of those 2 files you didn't pick first, and you're set.

            Restoring them is similar: go to them in iCloud, tap Select, pick 1 of the 2, tap the folder icon in the lower-right, select the appropriate game's folder on your device, then tap Done and this time since the filenames already exist in there you just choose Replace to overwrite them with the cloud versions.

            When you re-save to the cloud it'll also be a Replace, otherwise you'll multiply your save files and muck up their filenames which will blind Stardew's menu functions to them and keep them from showing up in the game select screen. To re-emphasize what I said last message: per gamesave/filename, you can only have 1 instance on your device at a time, and you can't ever change the filename or it'll break the in-game menus. I've never tried playing without also copying the corresponding SaveGameInfo (which never has a unique filename so you just have to keep them in the right folder with their companion game file), but I think ignoring it would be asking for trouble (e.g. corrupting your save).

            Hope this helps. Sure, it's not as nice as Game Center integration, but it works.
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