Modding Help HELP! I somehow deleted my nursery and can't get it back!

Discussion in 'Mods' started by mags819, Nov 29, 2017.

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    I hope this is an appropriate place to post this, but I am in a bit of a pickle...I am on my third saved game, and I recently adopted a child without realizing that I didn't have a nursery. (It's been over a year since I last played this and I figured I bought nursery furniture like any other piece of furniture). So the adoption agency or whoever dropped off this baby, and it is currently sleeping on the floor of an empty room and I cannot interact with it. The only thing I can think is that at some point last year for one of my other save files I installed a mod that removed the nursery furniture and was still in effect when I started this new game and fully upgraded my house. Now I probably shouldn't have done this as modding appears to be above my pay grade, but when I check the Mods folder I don't see anything to delete! So if anyone can offer a suggestion to why this might be happening and how I can reverse it so my kid can sleep in a crib, I would appreciate it very much! Thanks!!
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      yeah, look specifically for the farmhouse files in the maps folders.
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        Worked like a charm, thanks for getting my baby a bed! Was scared CPS was coming knocking any day now... :)

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