Help! I have infinite items and i dont want them

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    So i was playing Starbound and i was making a heating EPP which needed a battery which needed one more poison than i had. I was really pissed about this, as liquid poison was extremely hard to find, so i just spawned one in using this command: /spawnitem liquidpoison 1 . So then I went to go craft stuff and found that i could make 1000 of everything. I want to play the game properly, its just i was really mad. Please, how do i undo this? I restarted the game several times. PLEASE HELP!
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    if you type /admin again it will disable admin status in your game.
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    oh so infite items is basically just admin mode?

    oh my gosh thank you so much i thought i would have to get a backup save file for all my characters and re-install Starbound and Steam andI just, - Thank You so much.
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