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    Here we can see the cave-dwelling wild Lyric in it's natural habitat. The Lyric prefers dark, dank spaces with plenty of space to work, play, and relax. The Lyric spends 11 hours of the day sleeping, and lives on a diet consisting of mainly pretzels and rootbeer. When the Lyric is not out and about hunting for salty treats, it enjoys wasting away behind a wall of beefy computers, dazzlingly colorful monitors, and complex configurations of wires while performing amazing displays of absolute pwnage on the piece of technology us humans call the internet. Not much more is known about the strange creature dubbed "Lyric", but more studies are underway on the specimen.
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    Well, then time to study and see if I can befriend this creature. :)
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    Welcome to the forums, Lyric!
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    Welcome aboard! ^u^
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