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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by WingsOnFire93, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. WingsOnFire93

    WingsOnFire93 Space Hobo

    Hello Everyone new here on the forum hope you all doing well! And about introducing myself I am from Sweden and resently started to studie, and hope one day to get my drivers license. My hobbies are painting and gaming, I love Stardew Valley and all the cute mods! Hoping to do some in the future.
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  2. Lodish

    Lodish Black Hole Surfer

    Why, welcome aboard! I hope you'll have a good time here! c:
  3. Pangaea

    Pangaea Phantasmal Quasar

    Hello and welcome to the forums!
  4. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Master Astronaut

    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay here!
  5. LyricLyricandmoreLyric

    LyricLyricandmoreLyric Astral Cartographer

    Hi! Welcome to the Internet, Chucklefish Forums, and the gateway to your true self!
  6. Crossfang

    Crossfang Oxygen Tank


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    • And lastly , have fun!
    • Also, I do free starbound-related art requests here
    • and Stardew Valley - related art here
  7. MetaFace

    MetaFace Existential Complex

    Hi, I painted once, it was awful.
  8. Yavor

    Yavor Starship Captain

    Hello and welcome! Wish you a lot of creative inspiration for your painting!

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