Hello! I'm looking for people to play with!

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by AdamaTaz, May 25, 2019.

  1. AdamaTaz

    AdamaTaz Space Spelunker

    Greetings fellow farmers! Name's Taz! I'm from Brazil and I'm looking for people to join me!
    I'm somewhat a newbie , I could never finish a whole year in-game because I always get bored or lose interest.
    That's why I want to play with other people, so I can learn from others and have fun with more people!
    If you're interested, please PM me! Pleased to meet you all! ;D
    • Cptn.ToolwRench

      Cptn.ToolwRench Intergalactic Tourist

      Are you playing on pc or switch?
      • AdamaTaz

        AdamaTaz Space Spelunker

        • Cptn.ToolwRench

          Cptn.ToolwRench Intergalactic Tourist

          Shoot I’m on switch. Hopefully they will allow pc cross play one day.
          • BookwormMDCCCXIII

            BookwormMDCCCXIII Space Hobo

            If you still wish, I can play.
            • Zoiooo1

              Zoiooo1 Space Spelunker

              estou disponível para jogar (pc)br

              I'm available to play (pc) br
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