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Bug/Issue hearing what others are doing

Discussion in 'Support' started by gayfurrie259, May 1, 2018.

  1. gayfurrie259

    gayfurrie259 Space Spelunker

    i am watching a streamer and sometimes he hears what others are doing like them cutting grass on the farm or someone fighting bugs in the caves when he is near fri/sun cart pond link:https://clips.twitch.tv/TardyCredulousSalamanderHeyGuys it stops after he leaves the area
    • H3dg3h0g83

      H3dg3h0g83 Space Hobo

      Both players hear sounds related to the activity of the other player while not in the vicinity. This appers to affect the farm and the mine more specifically.
      For instance, while a player is walking on the farm, the other player hears footsteps. This also affects other activities (e.g. harvesting).
      Also, music from the mine is heard by the second player while the first player explores the mine.

      We play on 2 computers in the same room, this allowed us to confirm this behaviour and circumvent it on the farm systematically and mine (for music only), uncertain about other circumstances.
      One player on windows 7, the other on Debian 9 (stretch).

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