RELEASED Haywrites Pam Narrative Overhaul! (Released!)

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    Welcome to the Pam Narrative Overhaul!

    You voted (awhile ago,) and now, finally, here it is!

    Pam is a complicated person, who struggles with feelings about life, her daughter, and herself. Now, get to know Pam through 190+ lines of dialogue, for every day of the week of every season of every heart level!

    In this Narrative Overhaul, I've designed Pam to have an engaging relationship with you if you are willing to see through her crass nature!

    There is also special dialogue if you marry Penny.

    How to install:
    Incredibly simple:
    1. Download and Unzip the XNB file.
    2. Go to where you installed Stardew Valley.
    3. Go to Stardew Valley\Content\Characters\Dialogue
    4. Move the XNB file over and overwrite the old one.
    5. You're done!

    This mod is Rated E, and uses no gender pronouns for your player character.

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    I'm looking for FEEDBACK!
    If you played this mod and liked it, or didn't like it, please let me know
    here on Nexus Mod or at my personal e-mail at

    Check out my other Narrative Overhaul mods by clicking here!

    Thank you for playing!
    Check out for more of my recent work!

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