Have quality effect gifts. // Encourage gift variety.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jonn Conn, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Jonn Conn

    Jonn Conn Tentacle Wrangler

    A small thing I thought of. When you gift someone something they like, if it's silver or gold quality they should appreciate it more. something like, silver= +30% gold= +60%
    Now people will be giving their best to their special someone on their birthday or what-have-you.

    Another small thing, say you give someone the same thing two times in a week. Maybe it isn't as impressive anymore, so it counts -30%, which persists until you get them something different. This will make befriending people a little more difficult as you need to find two things they like for maximum benefit.
    • purifico

      purifico Void-Bound Voyager

      That might not be such a good idea since some characters (Pierre) have only one thing that they love and others (like Caroline) love things that are virtually impossible to get in year one unless you get really lucky with the gypsy/saloon menu
      • Jonn Conn

        Jonn Conn Tentacle Wrangler

        @purifico actually, in retrospect this doesn't even make that much sense. I would still probably love getting a pizza every week twice a week the same as every pizza before it. I'm more trying to go for a "Wow, something new and interesting! I like it!" kind of mechanic. Maybe npcs in conversation sometimes go "I wonder what X tastes like" or "I havn't had X in ages, I should have it again soon." Indicates a periodic inclination, where giving X gains bonus friendship points.

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