Hats Mouse Selling Santa Hats in Winter

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by theSunStar, Mar 5, 2016.


Hats Mouse Should Sell Santa Hats in Winter

  1. Yes please @ConcernedApe!

  2. No thanks.

  3. Meh. Don't mind either which way really...

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  1. theSunStar

    theSunStar Space Hobo

    I would love it if the Hats Mouse sold Santa hats during Winter please <3

    What do you think? :casper:
    :confirm: or :cancel:? (Please vote and i'd love to read any comments you might have.)

    Additional: :iswydt: :idea: Special hats for each season in general would be awesome to collect and wear!

    Yes, you do get Santa hats sold to you after getting the Networking Achievement. I love getting more hats sold by the Hats Mouse with every achievement, but I find special seasonal hats something everyone should be allowed to enjoy during the season, outside of achievement hats.
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