Has anybody tried NOT farming?

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  1. This may seem like an odd question. But I accidentally clicked "Rancher" when I picked my profession and so I feel obligated to have all of these animals. By the time I am done watering aaaaaallllllll of my crops and taking care of the animals, most of the day is already over and I don't really have enough time or energy to go to the mines or anything else.

    So it occurred to me, has anyone ever tried not farming crops and only raising animals? It seems like you would still be able to make money from artisan goods, foraging, fishing, and mining. Potentially keep a few crops for cooking and/or flowers. Could it work? Is it plausible?

    I may try it for a season and see what happens. Although, that's basically what happens in winter.
    • Aemi

      Aemi Starship Captain

      i have a bunny rancher going right now and its SO HARD to earn money until you get enough animals going!
      • MagicallyClueless

        MagicallyClueless Master Astronaut

        that's what i'm gonna do too!! : D
        • Cider

          Cider Ketchup Robot

          I had a friend who did nothing but rancher once they got to the level and could make artisan goods like cheese, wool and mayo. It's entirely possible, just kinda hard at the start.
          • dande313

            dande313 Void-Bound Voyager

            I've tried it, but farming definitely has the highest ROI. I am not sure if you can make grandpa happy by spring 3 without it. You'd need a minumum of 200,000 saved up, and that's if you do every other possible thing you can do. With that aside, in Stardew you can do whatever you'd like to do. My latest character has gone all slime, which has been fun, but not profitable.

            I guess you COULD make the money if you spent HOURS (realtime) on the slots on a lucky day with a lucky lunch. Time doesn't pass while you're gambling, and the Qi coins will keep accumulating. 1000G buys 100Qi coins. One hardwood fence post costs 100Qi coins, and sells for 10g. So whatever you invest you'd have to make at least 100x back to break even on gold. It's completely doable, as I've never come away with a loss from slots on a lucky day, but it takes FOREVER...
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            • Gabaw

              Gabaw Spaceman Spiff

              lol I f**king hate farming so I've tried, yeah. but the money is just too good tho. I love fishing so that's what I do otherwise. just pennies on the dollar, however :p
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              • mrobake

                mrobake Zero Gravity Genie

                Its my fifth year and thats what ima planning.

                My whole farm is full of fruit trees and i am making gold from winery.
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                • Borodin

                  Borodin Oxygen Tank

                  Really, if you want to get money moving in the game, you have to start by growing veggies and the like. It's simply provides your best return early on, however much can be said for everything else. And the key to that is a crop with repeated yields. Then you reach Farming 4 and get preserve jars, and the cash rolls in.

                  Of course, you'll need to supplement it all by mining, but once you hit this point, you can diversify as you wish. Begin raising animals. Take up fishing very seriously. Improve social relations across the board. Pursue mining to a much greater extent. Add fruit trees. Investigate your surroundings to find hidden areas and the rewards they offer. But initially, it's the veggies that that jumpstart the funds for everything else.

                  Mind, that's just my perspective. I'll seen people swear by fishing, but it's a lot of constant attention every day, where self-replicating produce crops need little extra investment in time until the season's change. Of course, if you get very familiar with the game and want to try something harder, starting with a focus on animals, or mining, or fishing makes a great change and challenge.
                  • NikkSword

                    NikkSword Pangalactic Porcupine

                    I have tried NOT farming. It can be fun, but it is tough to start off and you don't make that much money. Still fun though!
                    • unitxeroone

                      unitxeroone Void-Bound Voyager

                      Not farming will make grandpa sad. we want to please him with those four candles. maybe the new patch will allow us to go a different route but still able to please grandpa by beginning of third year.

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