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Bug/Issue Harvey disappears on work days?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rizupicor, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Rizupicor

    Rizupicor Aquatic Astronaut

    So I noticed that on days when Harvey has to work in the clinic he just seems to disappear from the game? I saw him in the morning in the kitchen, but couldn't talk to him and just saw him leave the house (wow rude lol) then he couldn't be found at the Clinic or anywhere on my farm. But Willy was still in the doctors room and still said 'Ouch, Doc!' as if Harvey was there working? It doesn't appear to be game breaking because I slept and the next day he returned and I could speak to him and everything, but it just seems odd that he vanishes on work days lol.

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    • Lunarabbit32

      Lunarabbit32 Starship Captain

      When you exit your farm to the right, if you look very carefully you'll see his head poking out from under the first tree on the path. He is getting stuck there on the way to the clinic, and apparently so is Penny on her schedule. I think the last update was supposed to fix it but it didn't work, at least not for my file.

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