WIP Harvest Valley: A Stardew Valley x Harvest Moon: AP/TOT Mod

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    Ever since the release of Stardew Valley it made me remember the good times I had playing Harvest Moon Animal Parade or Tree of Tranquility when I was younger and it surprises me that I've yet to see any mods that does a big overhaul to the characters of stardew to make them harvest moon characters. So with that in mind, I've decided to take up the challenge and make Harvest Valley!

    LATEST UPDATE: June 6th, 2018

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    • Replace villagers from Stardew to the villagers from Harvest Moon AP/TOT
    • Overhaul character dialogue to be similar to that of harvest moon
    • (possibly) overhaul character pathing to be more similar to the schedules of characters in harvest moon
    • (possibly) add characters from harvest moon were unable to get implemented due to the lack of characters in stardew
    CURRENTLY WORKING ON: Character Walking Animations
    • Owen - Sprites: 75%
    • Wizard - Sprites: 100% - Portrait: 0%
    • Luke - Sprites: 10%
    These are the harvest moon characters who I think would have the most matching personalities/interests/housing - characters listed here will definitely make it into the mod

    • Luke - Leah
    • Wizard/Witch - SV Wizard
    • Jin - Harvey
    • Owen - Alex
    • Toby - Elliot
    • Candace - Emily
    • Selena - Sandy (maybe)
    • Barbara - Pierre
    • Dale - Robin
    • Ramsey - Clint
    • Hamilton - Lewis
    • Hayden - Gus
    • Irene - Maru/Evelyn
    • Ozzie - Willy

    If you have any suggestions on which characters to replace with which please comment below!

    Author Note:
    I've only just started learning how to mod stardew valley and the only thing I know how to do at the moment is edit sprites however, sometime in the future when I'm finished the sprites and start with the dialogue/pathing I may need help. At the moment I don't need any help since I've only just started this mod but, if anyone's interested in helping please keep an eye on this post ;)

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      hey! Just dropping by to tell you that this is such a great idea ! Can't wait for the finished product!!!

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