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    you can post all things about HP,talk about the scenes you hate,love!

    But dont forget to keep Gilderoy Lockhart at bay,we dont want him chasing harry around bugging him about this whole fan club thing!
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    I've started re-watching the Harry Potter films that I own (Philosopher's Stone - Order of the Phoenix), since it's been many years since I watched them and I kinda forgot most of what happens. Especially after Goblet of Fire, which for some reason I thought was the fifth film instead of the fourth.

    Other than that, it's been nice to jog my memories. I'd forgotten much of the second and third films in particular, and never realized just how high a turnover rate there was for defense against the dark arts teachers at Hogwarts.

    WATERTHOOOOOSSEE Phantasmal Quasar

    When my Aunt gave me 3 books (Philosopher's Stone,Chamber of Secrets And Prisoner of azkaban) I got attached to it and became an instant Hermione-Harry shipper,either ways,it was a thrilling series for me,sad it needed to end.

    And yes,snape being introduced as a villain to a part time hero.
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    I absolutely loved the revelations about Snape towards the end. I hadn't seen it coming, but the pieces fell into place even for someone as out of the loop as I was.
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    Achio BAAAAAA

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