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Discussion in 'Mods' started by fftljoe, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. fftljoe

    fftljoe Space Penguin Leader

    Greetings farmers!

    For those of you who are visiting here for the first time, this is a list of mods that myself and other farmers use together without crashes.

    This post has now been up for a bit now and has had a lot of views. That being said I feel a certain type of responsibility to provide a well curated list for all of you out there in Stardew Valley.

    I have made a couple of revisions over the past while and I am happy about the state of this list.

    That doesn't mean I am confident it is flawless.

    If any farmers out there notice something not right, I would appreciate a heads up!


    Note 1: I post links from this community, nexus and github
    Note 2: Some of these mods require SMAPI or more to run properly.

    Always read the instructions!:DD

    Latest SMAPI here

    * (not personally tested, but reported working)
    ** (intermittently buggy)
    ¹ (currently in use by me)
    ª (currently testing)
    º (file host download)

    Monumental thanks to @ConcernedApe for his great work.

    Special thanks to @Entoarox , @ClxS, @Advize, @Jinxiewinxie, @Bouhm, @tegobash, @CJB, @maddy99, @Crystalmir, @Rhapsodes, @monteso, @mralbobo, @Ryuuze, @QuantumConcious, oranisagu, @OrSpeeder, @Zoryn4163, @dantheman999, @Mucchan, @cantorsdust, @steffjes, @Pathoschild, TheMusketeer, @TheCatMan, @Greger, @Drogean, @ThatNorthernMonkey, oliverpl, @Hammurabi, @nays4, @zipy199522, momoaau, @ADoby, @LasurDragon, @Eurion, @huancz and any modder out there and to @SpringsSong, @Mayka, @hurrshire, @Valamyr82, @Ghostly Fox, @Borodin, @Zalkyria, @ekffie, @masquerade908, @Tyrindor, @Constance, @kamyk2000, @What, @Xylia, @Coolwyngs, @Ladysarajane, @Kattia, @Canaa, borsalino12, JacksonJ, @Kappreh and @SALVES90 for contributing or helping.

    [UPDATE 1] SMAPI has had a minor update to v0.40.1.1-3
    [UPDATE 2] More links!
    [UPDATE 3] Cleaned up list a bit
    [UPDATE 4] Tried to get all shout-outs added
    [UPDATE 5] More mods and I learned how to make tables in a post!
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    • SpringsSong

      SpringsSong Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      Also working:

      FarmAutomation.ItemCollector (At least in all previously-known locations with previously-known recipes. I have coffee growing in my game right now and will test to see if it will pull it into the keg to make coffee or not)
      PrairieKingMadeEasy (At least, with initial playthrough prior to "Press any key to begin a harder adventure" or whatever the dialogue is)
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      • fftljoe

        fftljoe Space Penguin Leader

        Awesome, Thanks!

        I'll add those to this list.

        Happy farming
        • Clem_Chowder

          Clem_Chowder Orbital Explorer

          (Ento's 1.1 fix) where can i find the fix? as i have those two mods and want to carry on using those mods and a search has provided nothing yet

          • Entoarox

            Entoarox Oxygen Tank

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          • fftljoe

            fftljoe Space Penguin Leader

          • SpringsSong

            SpringsSong Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            Coming back to confirm something with the FarmAutomation.ItemCollector mod regarding Coffee:

            Keg did not pull Coffee Beans from adjacent chest. However, after manually putting Coffee Beans into the Keg, Coffee did get pulled from Keg to adjacent chest. So, some minor updating will be needed there.
            • BadShaddy

              BadShaddy Subatomic Cosmonaut

              Stick this topic, after the latest patch it's a mess to understand which mod got updated!
              • LadyEllesmere

                LadyEllesmere Void-Bound Voyager

                So has the SDVMM been updated?
                • Mayka

                  Mayka Void-Bound Voyager

                • fftljoe

                  fftljoe Space Penguin Leader

                • Barsian

                  Barsian Aquatic Astronaut

                  I lost most of my mods on current save, but this new update is amazing, so started game again... anyway timespeed, regeneration, StardewCBJ are working, what is great but hope in future for save anywhere, chest labels and more crops mod
                  • fftljoe

                    fftljoe Space Penguin Leader

                    Chest labels has been updated by Entoarox I am pretty sure
                    EDIT: It has and its under Ento's list
                    • hurrshire

                      hurrshire Void-Bound Voyager

                    • Rhapsodes

                      Rhapsodes Title Not Found

                      Instant geode works.
                      • FinalMantasyX

                        FinalMantasyX Big Damn Hero

                        It's a lot of work but actual links to these mods would be great. Half of them, when googled, lead me to...this thread. AKA the only place on the internet where they're called what you've called them here...
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                        • Entoarox

                          Entoarox Oxygen Tank

                          You will find them in the specific mod forums, you can also search for `[SMAPI]` as SMAPI mod authors usually prefix their mods topic titles with that in order to make it easier for people to find them.
                          • Borodin

                            Borodin Master Astronaut

                            Lovedlabels and the SMAPIChestLabelSystem do not work. LovedLabels crashes the game to desktop, anid SMAPIChestLabelSystem just doesn't do anything. This is with no other mods running.
                            • fftljoe

                              fftljoe Space Penguin Leader

                              I think they need the newest SMAPI. I added some links.
                              • Borodin

                                Borodin Master Astronaut

                                I'm using the latest SMAPI, but didn't get the latest version of the other mods (duh), given that one was updated by a newer dev, and the other is on Nexus. Corrected.

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