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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lil' Mini, Sep 27, 2018.

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    Decided to stop by with a potential (but effective) bug about the hammer type of weapons in this game. It works on the Switch version of the game, but I haven't tested it out on the 1.3 version on the PC.

    So as the most of you know, hammers special ability is a ground slam, damaging all nearby enemies, no biggie there. However, I noticed though that if you mash the normal attack button during the animation for the ground slam, you dish out additional hits as fast as you can tap the button. This makes early-game hammer weapons pretty damn reliable against stronger monsters as long as you have the ground slam ready.

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    • One More Day

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      Interesting, going to have to try this out, could be really useful in the first half of spring, until you can get down to the obsidian edge

      I always seem to pick up a few lead rods on the way down, and if I get swarmed I sometimes use it to slam the ground for knockback, then change to my sword for the quick hits once they've been separated a bit. If you can achieve the same with one weapon it'll actually make the lead rod much more useful, particularly on those runs where I don't get the much rarer forest blade and have to rely on a steel smallsword to get to level 90.
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      • Lil' Mini

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        You could otherwise just kill 125 insects to get the Insect Head sword from the Adventurers guild. It's quite a good weapons aswell.
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          No point. Insects only appear down to level 30. It's hard enough to find 10 green slimes to kill for the initiation quest before getting past there; I usually have to go back and repeat levels just to do that.

          It would take forever to kill 125 of them, and the insect head isn't even close to being good enough to justify wasting so much time. In fact I probably wouldn't bother doing that for any weapon, not even the galaxy sword. It would be quicker to reach level 90 for the obsidian edge, and that is plenty good enough for any monster you'll find at the bottom of the mines. In early spring a top level weapon is less valuable than opening up access to the gold ore and getting the stardrop on level 100.

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