Halfway 1.2.3

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    Version 1.2.3

    This update contains a number of bug fixes. In addition, we've added more save points to the homebase: the progress is now also saved before starting the next mission, and when quitting the game from inside a homebase.

    • Progress is now additionally saved when quitting the game from inside a homebase, and when starting the next mission.
    • Fixed bug which could lead to a broken save game when quitting the game in last part of "Commando Deck: Citizen-A" mission.
    • Fixed bug which could cause the player to get stuck in 2nd part of "Amber Mainframe" mission.
    • Team achievements are now re-checked (and triggered, when needed) every time the player visits a homebase.
    • Editor: fixed crash when trying to load or save a map.
    • Editor: fixed character pickup attribute not listing available units.
    • Increased stability of editor when entering or loading invalid data.

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