Haley's and Emily's parents

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How do you feel about their parents?

  1. They should come home!

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  2. Doesn't really matter to me.

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  3. Dad Joker? Oh sweet mercy no stay back you vile creature.

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  4. I like the response above this one but I do actually want their parents back.

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  1. Lil' Mini

    Lil' Mini Phantasmal Quasar

    I don't know if anyone has EVER talked about it. I only did a quick search about it so it's possible that I missed it.

    Anyway, so Emily mentioned her parents and I thought: "Yeah what about them?" They're out on around-the-globe-trip or something similar, but they never return. So I was thinking about somewhere on year 3 they make a sudden return with a little event, yknow, instead of a possible hole-eee-shet-they-died-when-they-were-riding-alpacas-on-a-mountain-oh-Joba-I'm-so-sorry scenario.

    Although I've only thought that their dad is this typical dad joker person who'll say something like (If you're married with either Emily or Haley at the time they come home): "I knew it, leave your kids at home when you're away and they'll either burn down the house or go and get married, typical!"

    So what's your take on their parents? Ever thought about how they are or something similar?
    • TimeLord97

      TimeLord97 Space Spelunker

      Haha those dad jokes though. I actually never paid much mind to their parents, Emily tends to have that "motherly" feel to me already for some reason, but I wouldn't mind if they stopped in for like a visit because of a festival or something. I don't feel like they should come back and stay permanently like Kent though, maybe they go back out on another adventure and just stop in every other year or so? I don't think my farmer could handle dad jokes every day just to raise their heart levels up haha :rofl:.
      • Saibara

        Saibara Subatomic Cosmonaut

        Yes pls.
        • Xamerzan

          Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

          I agree. It'd be nice if Emily's and Haley's parents were to return home one year... doesn't even have to be the 3rd year, it could be the 5th year and could introduce some late-game interactivity of some kind.
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          • Megumin

            Megumin Guest

            they're too old to have parents
            • Mr.Mudkipss

              Mr.Mudkipss Big Damn Hero

              they're like... twenty five. And Emily literally mentions them in her dialogue.
              • Ailsaek

                Ailsaek Subatomic Cosmonaut

                Buh? I'm over fifty, and my mom's still around. Marlon, the mayor, and Alex's grandparents are unlikely to have living parents, but everyone else could. I think it would be fun to have Maru's grandparents show up to visit, for example.
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                • Xamerzan

                  Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

                  From Demetrius', or Robin's side of the family? >.>
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                  • Shredder

                    Shredder Void-Bound Voyager

                    I in fact think their parents are adventurers and are out in an epic quest to save the world, those tend to take a while to complete.
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                    • Pongles

                      Pongles Lucky Number 13

                      I feel that their parents coming home should either be an event after you marry or after you complete some of the quests for the adventurers' guild wherein it turns out they are the ones that started the guild.
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                      • nash579

                        nash579 Astral Cartographer

                        I really asked that myself, which kind of parents would miss their childs marriage. They got 3 days to prepare
                        that must be enough :D
                        • amyhistoria

                          amyhistoria Industrial Terraformer

                          I think maybe they are actually spies (from Gotoro or serve for Ferngill), or died in the war.

                          Emily is aware of it and keeping it from Haley, and pretend to be happy every day. Sad and touching story...

                          She is a very good older sister imao, most of my peers are only child (see one-child-policy), and I'd like to be such a sister (but my mom refuse to give me a half-sibling with her now husband, which also has a daughter with ex-wife)
                          • Division-X

                            Division-X Void-Bound Voyager

                            it would be cool if their parents were the related to the wizard and unlocks some advanced sorcery

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