Modding Help Guts Dagonslayer, with hammer animations

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Jaxine, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Jaxine

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    Guts Dagonslayer.
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    I'm building this thing to be slow to charge-swing, but high damage. It's still going to be balanced, and gonna require some serious endgame stuff to make it. I got it positioned in hand right, and even gave it an awesome swoosh and impact sound when you swing it. But unfortunately, my strongsuits are Ideas and Artwork. Not so much Coding. So I stick to mostly simple stuff like Broadswords rather than things like Hammers or Guns.

    There's two problems...


    1) Raised swing angle. (fig.1)

    It keeps cutting my arm off. I need to make it not go so far back.

    2) Hand position for groundslam. (fig.2)

    Holding the blade don't seem right here.

    Anyone interested in throwing me some pointers will get the codes. I cant figure out if it has to do with the .activeitem, .animation, .hammersmash, or .physicalgroundslam files. I will happily credit you as well for your help!

    (Note: She is not naked in fig.2. Her arm, sword, and the smoke just happen to cover all her clothes.)
  2. Aimlessimp05

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    in the active itemin the hammersmah you want to change the wind up

    "windup" : {
    "duration" : 0.8,
    "armRotation" : 90,
    "weaponRotation" : -10,
    "twoHanded" : true,
    "weaponOffset" : [0, 1.75],

    so that the arm rotaion doesnt make your dragonslayer go into your poor arm.

    I dont know much about it but when i was playing with making my own wand type items i found the "armRotation" to be the key to the angle the arm takes. so maybe if you change a few of those bits you should get somewhere. the ground slam might need some offset changes as well. I never actually tried to make a hammer but those are my guesses.
  3. Inf_Wolf14

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    Arm rotation would fix example 2, as it would raise your hands higher up.

    But I don't think it would stop dismembering you. That's a change for the animations for that specific stance. (Probably 'windup' from what it looks like)
  4. Aimlessimp05

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    I dont know if this will be of any desire to you but on steam i am making more weapon types and one would be greatswords like what you are trying to do with the dragon slayer. If you have any intrest let me know. I currently only have "longswords" done and will be making the "rapier" soon. Next is "greatsword" so people can feel the power of a heavy swing.

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