Guppee Foods Incorporated

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Did you know that the food you buy in the supermarket is all from much, MUCH larger companies IRL?

  1. Uh, yeah, dummy.

  2. Actually, I had no idea!

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  3. You mean, it's not all made by little elves who sneak it at night?

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  1. SeaMichelle

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    Guppee Foods
    Welcome to our headquarters!
    My name is Micha Clarck. My primary work is in genesplicing science. On the side, I dabble in farming and sales. My company provides one of the most vital, yet least considered, service you could think of as an explorer of the universe; food!
    Our corporation is a large manufacturer of and storage location of packaged, prepared, and fresh foods. We sell our product to markets and supermarkets all across the universe. If you've ever shopped at a SuperStar, a *-Mart, or a Starget, you've likely purchased our food.
    Currently, we're looking for people to work for us.​
    We're in need of these positions:​
    • Sales Reps
    • Farmers/Creators
    • Micromanagers
    If any of this interests you, we'd like to hear about it!​
    Simply post a response. My managers will go over it and think about your offer.​
    Until then, goodbye!​

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