Tutorial Guide to Basic Mod Making For Starbound 1.0

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by agmoyer, Jul 27, 2016.

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    what sprites? you mean the images for the weapons? those should be in the appropriate folder unless they're built dynamically, which have their parts in folders (blade/handle, etc).
    Also a number of the crafted items are in the weapons/protectorate folder.
  2. Ndrellik

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    Great for starters/learners...
    But I'm not the best reader, but would be stumped without this tutorial!
    So I'm a add something that may help people who dont like to read, (eg this post is how to mod, not how to install)

    Download test zip file, (up top somewhere)
    (for me it puts the unzipped file inside a folder)
    Open folder to the a folder named the same...
    Cut and paste or copy and paste that folder to your mods folder located in starbound folder. (you know the one)
    Launch to test mod

    Done! (i havent removed the mod yet to see if i have any issues, but i think as long as i leave no trace of the mod eg. Remove mod objects from my world, i shouldnt have any issues)

    I started with the basics.... $$$$

    Changed the value of the test table and cashed it in

    Next i am doing some pixel art, to make some cool objects (lol time consuming)

    (starbound 1.2.1)
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    comment on fait les coffres s'il te plait? x'( les stockage S'IL TE PLAIT x'''(((((
  4. XenonPCs

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    I am having a bit of trouble and want to know how you changed the file type of the text documents to "activeitem" and "recipe"
  5. fedex501

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    Thank you hopefully this will help me with a few ideas in mind to make a fresh new mod.:happylittletrees:
  6. PsychoZzzorD

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    I love you man, I was thinking about starting to mod, and your file is juste perfect to learn. Thx a lot =)
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