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Closed [GUIDE] Fix for low FPS on high-end computers

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Sykes, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. Finntroll

    Finntroll Space Hobo

    My PC is an AMD FX-6300, 8GB RAM, AMD HD7850 and I'm getting 20-25 FPS on ship, but 3-10 on land.

    I tried all these steps of compatibility thing and didn't work out.

    What should we do?
  2. The Alien Way

    The Alien Way Existential Complex

    Not sure if I said it previously in this thread or elsewhere, but I'm just grinning and bearing it :wut: "Waiting on optimization" is what I usually say, but it seems we don't quite have to wait til the official end of Phase 1, as this upcoming patch has some memory leak fixes and streamlining already included in it.. I've also tried every potential fix conceivable, including some less-than-conceivable voodoo-ritual type things ( ;) ), and am resigned to put my fate into Bartwe and Kyren and Omni's hands (and any other coders I missed?) :>

    (Really though, are there any sekret voodoo rituals, because I'll give em a try!)
  3. Waughoo

    Waughoo Aquatic Astronaut

    My game is playable but it do get pretty noticeable slowdown when fighting or when breaking pots.

    I thought I'd try this, but I'm not seeing either of those entries in regedit. Theres no "/Layers" in either place.

    Windows 7 64
    i5 750
    8 GB RAM
    Radeon HD 7870
    running off a SSD
  4. The Alien Way

    The Alien Way Existential Complex

    Figure I'll update here.. Game still lags pretty badly (the example I experienced recently was Apex prison) but its now PLAYABLE.. I got hit once or twice solely due to lag, but other than that its bearable (other people would probably puke, but I'm happy!).. Some of those patches/fixes in this last run of updates cured some of my troubles :)

    Still a ways to go for me before it runs smoothly, but I've got full faith they've got me covered in the end :p
  5. Min3CraftDud3

    Min3CraftDud3 Void-Bound Voyager

    Thanks so much. The game was pretty much unplayable until I found this!!!! +like
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  6. digitalSwordsman

    digitalSwordsman Space Hobo

    Thank you for the fix! I deleted the registry values that had anything to do with steam. (Any other steam games as well). It works flawlessly now!
    My game used to run terribly! Massive frame skips!! I did not enjoy the feel of the game, but now it's amazing!
  7. coldReactive

    coldReactive Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    As a note. NVIDIA mobile GPUs are actually a generation or so behind their desktop equivalents. (IE: GTX 770m >> GTX 650 Desktop or so.) AMD Radeon Mobile GPUs aren't as bad, but still are slightly less powerful than what they are.
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  8. Monsterloewe

    Monsterloewe Seal Broken

    Hello, I´ve only just found this Forum since I haven´t been playing Starbound for that long. Sadly, I do have very low fps. I tried to fix this by following the steps you mentioned and it didn´t help. I´m pretty sure my laptop is good enough for at least 30 fps, have you got any ideas about what could help me?
    Here my tech stats:
    AMD A6-3420M APU with Radeon HD Graphics, 8,0GB RAM, AMD Radeon 7670M (dedicated)
    hope you see this!!
  9. Sykes

    Sykes Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    There's a couple farfetched fixes out there (like this one), but currently issues like that are caused by an incompatibility with certain processor/GPU features, and will be resolved later on in development. This fix only works for certain people, as there are multiple problems that have the same symptoms (unplayable FPS). Doing things like disabling the Steam overlay seem to help for some people depending on their situation, but you're not alone if you just can't get anything to work.

    You can keep searching the forums for some solutions, and hopefully you find on that works, but unfortunately there are some people who just have to wait until later stage in development for it to work.
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  10. Monsterloewe

    Monsterloewe Seal Broken

    OK, thanks for taking the time to read this! I´ll just have to hope Chucklefish invents something for ppl like me!
  11. Oken

    Oken Aquatic Astronaut

    Worked! Thanks a lot! :3
  12. Derisat

    Derisat Space Hobo

    EDIT Found my own fix, my REGEDIT was working incorrectly, i retried the above fix, and it works now.

    The fixes don't work at all for me. The SP/MP/Options screen runs at a great normal FPS, but as soon as I load a character, the load screen takes 3 minutes and the game get's 1-2 FPS.
    To reiterate for those that do not read, YES I tried the fix, in fact the RUN commands don't even path when hand typed or copy and pasted, neither exist
    . Yes I'm using the RUN command from the start menu.
    Win 7 64bit
    AMD FX4100 (3.6ghz QuadCore)
    8GB Ram
    Radeon HD 7870 2gb
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2014
  13. FormyZee

    FormyZee Void-Bound Voyager

    Same here.. tried all regedit and other fixes I could find online, even reinstalled game in a new location, started without Steam etc.
    But game is unplayable, matrix enemies and planet not rendering for 5-15 sec when moving ahead to quickly. Had no problems what so ever before the vanishing chests bug.
    I really don't know what to do anymore =( Back to Terraria again I guess =/ *very sad camper*
  14. Aventheim

    Aventheim Void-Bound Voyager

    this helped a lot! much thanks :laugh:
  15. TheHungPanda

    TheHungPanda Orbital Explorer

    Oh my god! Thank you so much :D i actually think this has made a lot of my steam games run much faster!
  16. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    I might unlock and sticky this, seeing as how it still works.
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