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Closed [GUIDE] Fix for low FPS on high-end computers

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Sykes, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. Danbrochill

    Danbrochill Space Spelunker

    I first want to take the time to thank you, very much, for this post. I'm not sure how appreciated you can feel from some random guy's praise, but for the first time since I got this game I can run at better than 10 FPS.
    The previous guide never mentioned (or I missed) deleting the keys from LocalMachine and CurrentUser, so when I tried that fix it didn't work. But after reading this guide and seeing it's in two places, I deleted that and for the first time my run animation isn't done in 3 frames. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

    Intel i-5 750
    12Gb DDR10600

    For anyone reading this, if you do step 2 and see Compatibility mode checked, you didn't delete the right keys, try again. If it's unchecked and the game runs like crap, I hope you get it fixed soon.
  2. Zomm

    Zomm Orbital Explorer

    I already got the boxes unchecked, and there was nothing related to steam in those folders, looks like I have to wait for a official patch. Thx anyway.
  3. gerod

    gerod Space Hobo

    (at first, sorry for my bad english, i hope it will help somebody anyway)
    I had the same perfomance problems and the method described here didn't help.
    After searching a bit in my graphic card settings, i've found ot that starbound runs with the onboard chip of the intel i7 and not with my gt750m. After changing it to the right graphic card starbound runs perfectly smooth.

    If you got a nvidia card you can change the settings in the controle panel, click on "manage controle settings" -> "program setting" -> add C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\win32\starbound.exe (or the opengl version) and set your graphic card as favorited. (or, if you're lazy, just change the global setting)

    greetings from germany
  4. Magicleprechaun

    Magicleprechaun Intergalactic Tourist

    It loads and runs very quickly thank you :)
  5. UberBosser

    UberBosser Void-Bound Voyager

    Huh, how do i know its related to steam, im there at layers but i dont know what to delete any picture help?
  6. Woodrow

    Woodrow Title Not Found

    that fixed it!
  7. The Alien Way

    The Alien Way Existential Complex

    Wish this fix helped me :wut: Seems like the first time I did it it did help, but the lag just came back after a few minutes like it usually does :(
  8. Furinex

    Furinex Phantasmal Quasar

    Im with ya. 1000 dollar Video card and this game is clearly using my processor for video.
  9. The Alien Way

    The Alien Way Existential Complex

    I mean, like I've said in some other posts, phase 2 optimization is cool by me, but seems like some consideration should be made when the optimization issue acts more like a game-breaking bug :>
  10. Crystal Noir

    Crystal Noir Space Hobo

    Right, because it's almost unplayable for me. I tried all things I read on the forum without success.
  11. stefrele

    stefrele 2.7182818284590...

    Same here, i gave up on the alpha beta testing due to poor performance. But i will try the graphic card setting thing posted, even if i got an AMD card... got nothing to lose!
  12. RvLesh

    RvLesh Parsec Taste Tester

    This is actually one of the VERY LAST things that should be worked on. Performance is quite nearly the single least important aspect of software development -- especially in this case, where a large part of the performance issues are caused by the debug code and the fact that resources are scattered across the drive, to make the game easier to debug and modify.
  13. RvLesh

    RvLesh Parsec Taste Tester

    No, it wouldn't. Steam DRM is used to decrypt the game at the beginning, and has little interaction beyond that.

    The Steam OVERLAY, however, can cause huge performance issues. The Overlay also has nothing to do with DRM - it is enabled by default on everything you choose to launch via Steam.
  14. Furinex

    Furinex Phantasmal Quasar

    Something is clearly wrong when my 1000 video card that puts 3D Nvidia Surround FC3 to shame, gets no more than 20-30 frames at all times... 5-10 with ANY UI open.

    Windows 7 pro 64 bit
    FX-8350 @ 4.4 ghz
    32gb ram @ 2400
    Nvidia 690 GTX
    SSD HD
  15. RvLesh

    RvLesh Parsec Taste Tester

    Not really. You're comparing a released, year-old game that was, likely, explicitly optimised for your card, with drivers which were explicitly optimised for that developer's product, to a game in beta with massive amounts of debug code enabled and no direct driver support from videocard manufacturers.

    A large part of the issue right now seems to be asset loading (and, to some extent, physics), which is likely why the game seems to be CPU-bound. Most of these issues will be resolved over time.
  16. The Alien Way

    The Alien Way Existential Complex

    Doesn't quite explain how people with barely-passing specs can run it fluidly (while other low end folks like me can't at all) and the same problem can be seen with high-end people, sometimes on identical hardware.. The game runs off the same OpenGL/DirectX/C++ for everyone.. Some folks have been playing since day one lag free, on all qualities of systems.. If issues were caused by the debug code, wouldn't that harm everyone (or everyone using a certain system setup) instead of picking and choosing? I've seen people on virtually every graphics card type, with varying systems, that both can run it perfectly and cannot run it at all.. One consistent thing I've seen is people with the same exact type of lag, that's been present since day 1, that the grand majority of other players are not experiencing at all. (These players are off busy in the RP threads, making Lets Play vids, arranging Christmas music concerts, and actually getting to make suggestions about the game they can actually play, versus rooting half-insane through the good ol' error reports looking for some kind of fix/workaround that actually helps.. At this point I've read more about the game than I've played, and I'll have to log about a hundred hours in-game before I surpass the amount of time I've spent burrowing through mounds of forum posts looking for hope and/or fixes :>

    I have been dealing with this (and attempting every fix, including fixes that have helped others, or should increase performance mildly at least, and am instead seeing absolutely no change, just more highly predictable lag that shows up during very specific circumstances and acts in specific ways) folks that have been dealing with this from day 1 are out there looking for fixes and fine-tuning their reports and digging for developer statements (in hope that they'll see something about a leak being plugged or an ugly code hook being resolved or something..)

    I'm basically doing anything but just chilling out and waiting while 75% of the player base can play smoothly (despite the actual bugs that are being found due to early access testing) and I get my problem labeled as an optimization issue, and told to wait an indefinite amount of time.. I feel like our problem is more along the lines of the XP bug than just a simple optimization issue that's better put off til phase 2 (a phase that should be months, if not half a year or more, away..).

    Far as the overlay on Steam goes, it never would have caused a problem if people didn't have to have Steam running during gameplay (this, along with the regedit "fix" and administration stuff, verifying game cache and general confusion about whether Steam is failing or the launcher/exe for the game is failing to launch, or to recognize an update have all contributed to lots of forum spam). I've had my overlay disabled since about hour 3 of Starbound's release day, besides, just another thing that didn't resolve the real issue, nor do I think removal of the DRM would clear this issue.. Its not just some code that "needs optimized for my system". I've seen numerous people on virtually identical systems that can play just fine. I've seen people on systems four or five times better than mine with my exact same issues, and entirely worse (yet very similar) setups..

    People who are not dealing with it can label it "an optimization issue", while I'll go ahead calling it a game-breaking bug :p (And hilariously enough, I've not had a single crash in my entire experience with Starbound, which is a shame because at least that'd generate an error that may point exactly to the problem :wut: )
  17. RvLesh

    RvLesh Parsec Taste Tester

    You can check the starbound.log for some clues as to why it might be moving so slowly.

    A lot of it has to do with WHERE the game is installed. If anything else is happening on the drive to which I've installed Starbound, it can grind everything in the game to a halt.
  18. The Alien Way

    The Alien Way Existential Complex

    Hmmm.. I thought about partitioning a separate drive for games, but I've never messed with it :O (Saw that windows has a wizard program for it now that makes it much easier, though :D ) .. Since Starbound troubleshooting started now I've been running CCleaner program often and also using the "Memory Cleaner" program that Microsoft guy made.. They both seem to help other games, at the very least :) Also tried that Skyrim utility/mod that uses the "Windows Media trick", but didn't see any real improvement with my other games, good or bad.. Considered things like Game Booster programs, but couldn't find any with really good reviews.. Even tried swapping my antivirus and web browser for less memory intensive variants :p Also cleared out about 25gigs of older large games I don't play any more even though I don't really need the space (got 238gig used, 213 open now..) I've also considered just deleting the Linux program files out of the Starbound folder since I don't use Linux, but I doubt that'd really do anything :wut:

    Another thing to try is closing both Steam and the Starbound Launcher after you've opened Starbound (along with any other browsers/unnecessary running programs).. Didn't set me free, but having that extra memory cleared can't hurt.. (Starbound's launcher takes a decent chunk of memory on my CPU, nothing insane, but still..)

    I WILL KEEP TRYING! :p Just glad I haven't fried my laptop yet (considered using a utility called Throttlestop to overclock, but that's a bit too scary for me..)
  19. Sorasousha

    Sorasousha Subatomic Cosmonaut

    http://tinyurl.com/myzrbjz Give this a shot. My computer is only a 2.2 Ghz Core Duo Laptop and it runs smooth as silk after I did this.
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  20. RvLesh

    RvLesh Parsec Taste Tester

    That's a good point. I remember I had to do this a year or two ago, because Steam was acting up. Apparently it did something that made Windows turn on some of the compatibility features.
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