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  1. Neonova

    Neonova Big Damn Hero

    Are you having troubles getting the first place in the Grange Display on the 16th of Fall?
    I did some math according to this page of the wiki to get the best and easiest options for the Stardew Valley Fair Grange Display.

    1st Place - 90 pts
    2nd Place - 75 pts
    3rd Place - 60 pts

    You always start with 14 pts.

    From here you will choose one of the options of each section, trying to avoid using two of the same category or categories that are too much similar. I've made a list of the best and easiest items to gather out of 12 'possible' categories.

    You'll really want to get a Gold Star quality of everything, but you will notice that some of the items are silver quality in this list. It means that using a silver or gold star quality of that item will only have a difference of 1 pt.
    Take the Silver Yam as example, the total points of the Silver Yam is 5 and the total points of the Gold Yam is 6, but the total points of the Common Yam is only 3, so, avoid placing items with lower quality than described in this list because you can lose 2 or more points doing so.

    Without further ado Let's see the list.

    Crops (+5 pts)
    Silver Pumpkin = +2-3 +5 = 7-8 pts
    Silver Yam = +2-3 +3 = 5-6 pts

    Flowers (+5 pts)
    Golden Fairy Rose = +3 +5 = 8 pts
    Silver Poppy = +2-3 +3 = 5-6 pts
    Silver Sunflower = +2-3 +2 = 4-5 pts

    Fruits (+5 pts)
    Golden Cranberry = +3 +2 = 5 pts
    Silver Blueberry = +2-3 +2 = 4-5 pts

    Animal Products (+5 pts)
    Egg = +1 +1 = 1-2 pts
    Large Milk = +1 +2 = 2-3 pts
    Truffle = +1-3 +5 = 6-8 pts
    Rabbit's Foot = +1 +5 = 5-6 pts

    Artisan (+5 pts)
    Fairy Rose Honey = +1 +5 = 5-6 pts
    Poppy Honey = +1 +4 = 4-5 pts
    Cranberry Jelly = +1 +4 = 4-5 pts

    Fungus (+5 pts)
    Silver Chanterelle = +2-3 +3 = 5-6 pts
    Silver Purple Mushroom = +2-3 +4 = 6-7 pts
    (May fit in the same category as Foraging)

    Foraging (+5 pts)
    Golden Rainbow Shell = +3 +5 = 8 pts
    Silver Coral = +2-3 +2 = 4-5 pts
    Fiddlehead Fern = +1-3 +2 = 3-5 pts

    Gems (+5 pts)
    Silver Frozen Tear = +2-3 +2 = 4-5 pts
    Diamond = +1 +5 = 5-6 pts
    (May fit in the same category as Minerals)

    Resources (+5 pts)
    Iridium Bar = +1 +5 = 5-6 pts
    Gold Bar = +1 +3 = 3-4 pts
    (May fit in the same category as Minerals)

    Minerals (+5 pts)
    Artifacts found in Geodes = +1 +1-5 = 1-6 pts
    (The price is what matters for this one)
    (You get 5-6 pts only with the Prismatic Shard, Helvite, Neptunite and Star Shards)

    Fishing (+5 pts)
    Largemouth Bass = +1-3 +2 = 3-5 pts
    Golden Sturgeon = +3 +4 = 7 pts
    Golden Catfish = +3 +4 = 7 pts
    Golden Stonefish = +3 +5 = 8 pts

    Cooking (+5 pts)
    Pink Cake = +1 +5 = 5-6 pts
    Autumn's Bounty = +1 +4 = 4-5 pts
    Pumpkin Soup = +1 +4 = 4-5 pts

    Please note that this list is not 100% accurate, so gather at least 100 pts if you want to win the 1st place.
    Also, this is not tested, it is based on Maths and the Wiki.

    Thank you for reading this guide, if you have some time to test the value of these items your help will be appreciated. :)
    • Caudyr

      Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

      What about Gold ranked legendary fish? Any idea on those?
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      • Sharkivore

        Sharkivore Astral Cartographer

        I had two gold items (Melon and cranberry), A Starfruit, A Melon Wine and Jam, and a Silver Star The Angler

        I ended up with 104? points I believe.
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        • Kittenykat

          Kittenykat Big Damn Hero

          <3 <3 <3 so much for making this. Now, can you tell me what the penalty is for doubling-up on the same category? I don't have any animal products of sufficient quality to make the grade, for example. D: At best I can hope for a large chicken egg before the fair.
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          • Caudyr

            Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

            I don't think there's necessarily a PENALTY, but you won't get full POINTS. I've managed to get 94-95 points without much issue by going with gold starred stuff...even if not ALL of it is from different categories. ^^

            A large chicken egg might be worth using, as well, though.
            • Neonova

              Neonova Big Damn Hero

              Gold ranked legendary fish is really tough to get, but if you manage to get one it will only give you 8 points (same for gold star rank fishes worth more than 400g), as it is the best you can get from 1 item.

              Doing the math is easy. No-Star ranked items grant you +1, Silver Star ranked items grant you +2, Gold Star ranked items grant you +3 pts (this is the first parcel of the sum of the items listed above). Items worth equal or more than 20G grant +1 pt, 90G grant +2 pts, 200G grant +3 pts, 300G grant +4 pts and 400G or more grant +5 pts. (this is the second parcel of the sum of the items listed above)

              Including that you start with 14 pts, and every different category grants you +5 pts.

              There is no penalty, you just don't get the extra 5 pts. Let's say you brought 9 different kinds of items, you will get a bonus of 45 pts, if you brought only 4 kinds of items you will get only 20 pts.

              Yes, you don't need to gather every item of different categories, this guide is just to help doing the math with fairly easy to get items so you won't eventually get 2nd place.

              Also, large chicken eggs are worth the same points as normal chicken eggs.


              Guys, the best you can get from this is 126 pts if you gather 9 different items with a Gold Star Ranking and worth 400G or more.
              If someone get something close to that number, you might post a screenshot here to give us inspiration of your epicness... :3
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              • Caudyr

                Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

                Wait...so the number of points you need to get first place changes after the first year? It's only above 90 points at first, which is fairly easy to get...
                • Neonova

                  Neonova Big Damn Hero

                  It actually doesn't change, but after the first year you will get much more valuable and harder to get items.
                  I made this guide because some people get worried about what to keep for this festival, and they think that getting gold of everything will grant them the first place, which is not true at all, it helps a lot but doesn't grant you the first place, and that's why those people struggle to get the first place.
                  • Caudyr

                    Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

                    Gotcha. It's just the way it was worded made it seem like...maybe Pierre's score gradually got better (to a certain extent) as the years went on or something. =x
                    • Morgath

                      Morgath Astral Cartographer

                      Can get higher than 126. I got 150 once, although I can't remember what items I used apart from one of the legendary fish and a dino egg. I'd post a screeny but that save is just past the fair so would have to cycle round again, and too busy on another save atm

                      Definitely a good guide though, Its good to know you do not have to sweat so much to win the fair.
                      • Caudyr

                        Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

                        I'm totally using a Gold Starred "Legend" in mine. :3
                        • Morgath

                          Morgath Astral Cartographer

                          Scratch what I said earlier, I mis -remembered. Was 105 not 150. Doh.
                          • Digus

                            Digus Spaceman Spiff

                            The flower, the fruit, the vegetable, the forage and the fish are all gold stars. The honey is Fairy Rose.
                            By this formula, it should be 101, not 103.
                            Every item with a gold star should be 11 points, and all other 8 points, because they are worth more than 200.
                            8*4 + 11 * 5 + 14 = 101
                            • BoffoBoy

                              BoffoBoy Phantasmal Quasar

                              This is a straight copy paste of my notepad++ tally list. Only need like 7 items to hit 100
                              5 points for unique type (1 nostar 2 silverstar 3 gold star) An item earns one additional point for reaching each indicated sell value: 20g, 90g, 200g, 300g, 400g
                              Max points an item can get is 13 (5 type 3 star 5 cost) but if in doubt, gold star is only 2 points over no star, $$ and unique type wins 5+5 =10.

                              Max total points (13 points over all 9 items) is 131 points if there are enough different types
                              1. Pink Cake 5+1+5 = 11
                              2. Gold Crimsonfish 5+3+5 = 13
                              3.Gold Pumpkin 5+3+5 =13
                              4.diamond 5+1+5 = 11
                              5. Gold Goat cheese 5+3+5 = 13
                              6. Gold Poppy 5+3+4 = 12
                              6b Gold Faire 5+3+5 = 13
                              7. Galaxy Sword 5+1+5 =11
                              8. Gold Rainbow shell
                              9. Gold Melon 5+3+4 = 12
                              9b Gold starfruit 5+3 +5 =13

                              I can manage to change at least one 11 with a gold truffle but pig is too young for me to see any yet.
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                              • Legeis

                                Legeis Astral Cartographer

                                where are you finding this information?
                                Fall festival is coming up for me again soon and it be nice not to come in 2nd again!
                                • metalax

                                  metalax Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  It's on the wiki here.

                                  Edit: The theoretical highest score you could achieve is 131, however there isn't an item in every category that will allow you to get the maximum score for that category. If I'm correct in which category a certain item fits the highest attainable score is 128, If I'm wrong the highest is 127. This assumes that price data on the wiki is correct.
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                                  • TheMediocreMrRook

                                    TheMediocreMrRook Big Damn Hero

                                    How does unique typing handle things with no type (sweet gem berry, treasure chest, beach forage, etc)? Does no type count as it's own type, so you get +5 for the first one only? Does each one count as unique, so you get +5 for each? Do none of them get a +5 since it has no type to be unique with? I would guess the first one, but the pessimist in me thinks it's probably the last.
                                    • Caudyr

                                      Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

                                      Beach forage is typically under Fish, I imagine (the clams and stuff). I think the coral and whatnot falls under "Foraging"...as for Sweet Gem Berry and the Treasure Chest.............I dunno. =x

                                      There's a fairly easy way to find out, though. Replace an item you KNOW gives you that +5 and is max points (over 400g worth or whatever) with one of the two (or both) and see what happens?

                                      I can't justify holding onto the chest, though. :rofl:
                                      • BoffoBoy

                                        BoffoBoy Phantasmal Quasar

                                        I'm gonna test a few numbers by restarting over and over

                                        1. how exactly is the label applied to the blank rainbow shell.
                                        2. is prismatic shard counted different from diamond
                                        2. what about ring sword boot etc
                                        3. want to know how exactly a truffle is counted, since it is foraged from the ground and if you have the gold star from double forages active, well there you have an option.
                                        4/ cat is on keyboard so hard to think

                                        basically I can narrow down the type conflict by only putting 1 or 2 items up along with 100% verified junk items (hi carp!) and various other fun borderline ocd things.
                                        • Caudyr

                                          Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

                                          *is looking forward to the data~*

                                          Why not just put like...Driftwood and Broken CDs up there, though? :rofl:

                                          I've got "Legend" here...and...EIGHT BROKEN CDs! HOW YOU LIKE MY GRANGE DISPLAY LEWIS?!

                                          Really, though...i imagine the actual TRASH is probably worth 0 points, so it might be a good and easy way to ensure you get ACCURATE results (though it's not really hard to do so anyway, heh). ^^

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