Guide: Best/Working Controllers + How to set up on Mac OSX

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    Stardew Valley works on 3 platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux. Linux and Windows support virtually everything; it just tends to be a pain the rear on linux or used to be. Mac typically on supports Apple hardware, specific Mac hardware which can make creating a Hackintosh annoying. A Hackintosh is you build a computer and install OSX on it and everything works; so you need to buy specific hardware. The point is, it provides the perfect platform for knowing which controllers will work cross platform; basically because it supports nothing out of the box except USB drives, keyboard and mice.

    Step 1: Install the correct driver for your OSX (newer isn't better, platform matching is best):

    Install it, restart your computer and in system preferences you will have Xbox 360 Controllers near the bottom. Open that, and start connecting all the controllers you have via USB. It's very simple, the ones the software detects are the ones that work with Stardew Valley cross platform which incidentally will be the most universally compatible regardless of the game. However every time you connect it, you must go in and under advanced select "Pretend to be an Xbox 360 controller". Somewhat annoying with at least it works. If you perform the same experiment with the control panel on Windows that doesn't tell you anything since Windows supports a ton of controllers. Playstation controllers, at least PS4, are not supported. So many reasons nowdays not to buy a playstation; that one, no real mod support, no more local multiplayer games, less game variety (almost all shooters). Which is why Xbox is an improvement, but ultimately Nintendo prevails, and prevails indisputably in the power consumption arena. Buy controllers and follow this procedure on mac and return any controller that doesn't work. These can than be added to a thread of officially supported controllers if such a thread exists; would be a nice gesture for the community.

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