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  1. Princesskitty

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    I'm new here! I'm new to forums in general. I think I checked out a few back when dial-up was the norm. Now I've found this one and it feels rather nostalgic! I'm hoping to utilize this forum to connect with like minded people, learn more about Stardew Valley and disocover new games.
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  2. MistyTheNeko

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    Pardon me for the late reply, but I do hope you enjoy your time here with us! A lot of people have moved on to do other things, but there are still a few of us who still talk here.
    I'm not too knowledgable about Stardew Valley, since I mostly play Starbound, but I still know a few things about the game.

    But yeah, welcome, and have fun! :nuruhappy:
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  3. Pangaea

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    Hello and welcome to the forums. (;
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  4. Daikon Ocelot

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    Welcome to the forums, friend! Good to have you here!
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