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Discussion in 'Mods' started by poppyseasoning, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. poppyseasoning

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    Hey, I've been having trouble getting this small project of mine done. I've been trying to change the look of the walls inside the Greenhouse (title duh), and uh, I think I've been through all the files some of them just seem useless but what do I know?

    I've edited the interior tiles that seem to have the greenhouse tiles, and when I open the map editor to make sure everything lines up and all my edits look good it checks out! (yay!) But when I get into the game it's the same old boring greenhouse tiles from before!

    It's only these greenhouse tiles that have given me trouble. I've managed to learn how to add furniture in places, edit my maps, I've changed how my tiles look in my farmhouse and everything. What am I missing here because it's frustrating.

    While i wanted to change the framing to look like the greenhouse i'm using, ultimately what i wanted was to get something that looked like this: [​IMG]
    • teseting

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      The townInterior file should be the right file and the green house textures are in the bottom right corner so maybe you're not saving or packing the file correctly. You need to pack the image and the yaml file.
      Also I don't think what you're trying to do is possible without adding additional textures and edtting the map
      • poppyseasoning

        poppyseasoning Space Hobo

        Well the other parts of townInterior file im using for my greenhouse which I edit, save, and package show up in game just fine. When I load the townInterior file (saved and everything) into the map editor which I use for all my other game edits, it SHOWS the changes I did in the file. If i move the tiles around it shows, and it's great. I save my map just the same, package that, and with everything done I replace the files for my game, but it doesn't recognize my changes at all when i finally get in. It shows I changed the map, but not the actual "skin" which is what I'm trying to achieve.
        • taintedwheat

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          First of all... What do you mean by "map editor?" I think it's throwing all of us off. Do you mean, tiDE?

          The frame being used in the greenhouse interrior is for the wooden border is the same being used in the farmhouse and everywhere in townInterrior.
          • Dozy

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            Just taking a shot in the dark, but did you overwrite the townInterior.xnb files with your new version in both the content and the maps folders?
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            • poppyseasoning

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              I was sure I did, and when I unpacked them the changes to the files were there, but ???. Maybe wire got crossed at the wrong time sometimes; trust when I say I went in one big loop on this thing.

              Anyway after some further tinkering I got it to work. Sometime the map pulled from tiles that weren't there anymore, and it was awful. But anyway, I finally got it to show up in the game, and i'm at a place where I can make any further changes to it and hopefully make any adjustments to it as I please.

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              • Coolwyngs

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                Cool your greenhouse walls look awesome.

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