"Greedy Mayor" game difficulty option.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ultimoos, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Ultimoos

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    A more challenging game mode module which will make player to weekly pay taxes and fees.

    Land tax: house tax, increasing with each upgrade. For every building and artisan machine.
    Land tax would be collected at the end of each week.

    Fishing license: Mayor has his greedy hand on everything. After you receive fishing rod from Willy, you can go to mayor and buy from him fishing licenses for a week or two. Each fishing area would require a different license. Ocean, lake, river and exclusive night fishing license.

    Mining rights: You thought you could just get a pick and go mine that copper for free? Mayor can sell you mining right for each different mining levels. 1-40, 41-80 and 81-120, again weekly.

    Baths: There is a geothermal bath house that you can conveniently visit every day! But it will cost you. Every time you change your clothes in baths you pay a fee. Someone has to fix those cracks in walls.

    Again, this is supposed to be an option, not forced challenge.
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    • Cider

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      Monthly taxes and I guess the Bathhouse make sense, the rest I don't know about.
      • Slick-Elbows-Moi

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        I think you're trying to address how easy it is to make loads of money after a certain point. While I think the price of goods should be addressed in its own forum post, this is an interesting idea that's already supported by in-game dialogue. For example, Lewis comments on collecting taxes from the various stores.

        Not certain about your mine rights idea though, considering the Adventurer's Guild keeps the monsters from... getting out of hand. And that it's abandoned. Maybe if Joja bought the mine it could work.
        • TheLoreSeeker

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          Do this and you too could turn your relaxed farm life sim into a number crunchy business realestate simulator. It's the Joja Way!!! :p
          • Slick-Elbows-Moi

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            But I already did that to maximize my profits! Why else did I flood the markets with melons, red cabbages and pumpkins? 30,000G in one day is so tempting...
            • Schaeffer

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              I find the idea interesting, I just think there should be something in the game that allows you to see your tax gold being put to use. Maybe certain things NPCs sell could be unavailable at the start of the game, but as you pay taxes, the town can afford to give financial aid to businesses, for instance allowing the carpenter to build a silo once you've paid 1,000G in total taxes, or something. Having to "unlock" the ability to purchase certain items or upgrades also will prevent a player from seeing something wildly expensive, such as seeds for a really high-end crop, and ignoring all the cheaper items just to save up for the expensive one. Some people might just fish all day every day to rack up enough money to buy something expensive, and that will get people tired of the game more quickly than if the only things they saw in a store were a couple cheap options. The game sort of already does this with fishing poles, but what I'm talking about is stuff like the carpenter, where you can see all the buildings she can create even though some of them can cost 10,000G and a player in the first week or two would never be able to afford that anyway.
              • bdawson1993

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