got some idea for an armour

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    this armour could be useful because you would not need a flashlight which means the armour produce light but does not have a good stats or it could be use for cosmetic. i know there is a light epp augment but what if you want to put damage 3 epp (which for me that is better) and than you lost the light epp so the armour would be a good thing

    but it is legendary cause that thing is very useful (for me) the name could be armour of light or something
    it is just like the light epp the light surrounds your character
    the stats could be
    damage 100%
    defense 30
    health 60
    energy 65
    you could change the stats admin
    if you are interested i got an idea for it just ask me and il make it and post it here or somewhere else so it is a secret
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    Each piece of the Glow Set provides a glow effect if placed in the armor slot. No armor boost, tho
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