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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Gene, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Gene

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    If you didn't know, you can replace Starbound's font by replacing the hobo.ttf file inside the Starbound/assets folder with a TrueType font fie of your choice and the same file name. It only replaces regular text font, not most buttons which is pretty nice because it allows making long passages more readable while preserving the art style for short labels.

    Did anyone try it yet? Is there a favorite font you think works well with the game and is more readable than the original? I haven't found a "perfect" font yet (some of my favorite fonts the game can't handle well, and very few fonts fit perfectly in the boxes made for them), but a reasonably good match IMO is Liberation Mono Bold:



    Backup images:,MAIX1dr#0,MAIX1dr#1

    I don't think there can be a perfectly fitting font unless someone makes a modification of one specifically for Starbound. Is anyone up to the task of making a more readable Starbound font? See also this discussion for ideas.
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  2. ReteVermis

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    Hello. I have a problem with suppporting my language (russian), as i put any cyrilic symbol in codex or quests (changing theese fles in english is ok) game crushes. Is there any way to extend ammount of supported symbols?
    P.S. I added font that has both latin and cyrilic symbols
  3. ReteVermis

    ReteVermis Tentacle Wrangler

    [​IMG] f

    Here is check of the font, it works, but only with chat
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  4. Cathriana

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    I don't particually like that font for chat much.. It looks unreadable and anoying to be honest =(

    No fluentness and it looks like you could easily melt words together.
  5. ReteVermis

    ReteVermis Tentacle Wrangler

    The font is not the point. Im trying to translate codex and starter quests, but game engine seemes do not support cyrilic symbols so the game crushes...
  6. linukboy

    linukboy Orbital Explorer

    I personally think if the wight was more creamy it would be easyer on the eyes for most people however a change in font would also help
  7. DragDay7

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