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    While playing with two players on a multiplayer farm, both of us were keeping track of our individual gold gained via pen and paper and using our own gold out of the combined total to do our purchasing etc. Several times throughout the first season we got into several debates about how much gold each of us actually had even though both of our records were, to the best of our knowledge, accurate to our daily events. Towards the end of the season I seemed to figure out the problem and did a test on day 28 of spring. NOTE I (the host) had the tiller profession while player 2 did not.

    With 30,341 combined gold displaying on the top right, both players deposited 2 base quality strawberries into the shipping box, a combined 4 base strawberries, and went to bed without doing anything else.

    There were 3 possible outcomes:

    OUTCOME 1: 2 strawberries sold by the tiller-host would be worth a total of 264 gold, and the 2 sold by the non-tiller player 2 would be worth 240. This brings us to a combined total at the end day screen to be 504.

    OUTCOME 2: All 4 strawberries would be sold at tiller value of 264 for player 1, and 264 for player 2, coming to a combined total of 528 at the end of the day.

    OUTCOME 3: All 4 strawberries would be sold at non-tiller value of 240 for player 1, and 240 for player 2, coming to a combined total of 480 at the end of the day.

    Here is where it gets interesting. On my screen (Host Player 1) the total gold value of the strawberries were 528, which means according to my end day screen all 4 strawberries were sold at tiller value. But on player 2's screen the end day total was 480, meaning all 4 strawberries were sold at NON-tiller value.

    When proceeding to the next day the total shared gold of the farm increased to 30,869. Which means that the value of 528 (4 being sold at tiller value) took priority.

    So either the gold at the end of the day is being based on the professions of player 1, or the professions of players on a single farm are being shared, meaning if player 2 took the Rancher profession both players may receive both advantages on a single farm (I have not tested this yet as player 2 has not reached level 5 farming yet).

    I am unsure if this is an intended sharing of professions among the farm members or if the game is running gold value off of the hosts numbers over all other. I scanned through the list of known bugs and reports and did not see this one posted yet and I think it may have to do with a lot of people not necessarily tracking individual gold on a multiplayer farm. Either this is a pretty big bug or an intended profession sharing, but I figured I would report it anyway just in case. Thanks! (As a side note, being an accounting major this was a really fun thing to notice and test.)

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