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GOG version searches for steam acheviements and crashes

Discussion in 'Support' started by MLG Farmer, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. MLG Farmer

    MLG Farmer Space Hobo

    Hell, this is my first post. I know this problems been discussed but i have been searching google to no avail. Please don't berate me. Title sums it up. I am on fall 22 year 1, i harvest my crops, am supposed to reach level ten but instead the game looks to award a steam achievement. Sense this the GOG version the game crashes.
    • uberlobster

      uberlobster Void-Bound Voyager

      C:\Users\%PC Account Name%\AppData\Roaming\StardewValley

      Upload the files in the \ErrorLogs and \Saves folders. To prepare the files for upload to this forum, select the files, right-click, select Send to and click Compressed (zipped) folder. If you are using Steam, use the Verify Cache feature. If not, back up your save files and try reinstalling the game.
      • ssokolow

        ssokolow Cosmic Narwhal

        According to this thread, there's a loader which will work around the bug.

        It hasn't been updated since 1.07 came out but I took a quick look at the code and it seems to work by taking the bit that calls Steam's achievement API and sticking a return instruction at the beginning (sort of like the .NET version of an AppInit_DLLs or LD_PRELOAD hack)... so it probably won't need to be updated as new versions get released. (Probably. I'm a Linux programmer with no .NET experience, so I can't be 100% sure.)

        Can I assume that you didn't even read MLG Farmer's post? You didn't modify your form letter to take out the "If you are using Steam" part when MLG Farmer already said this is the GOG version in both the post itself and the title.
        • uberlobster

          uberlobster Void-Bound Voyager

          Yes. And that means everything else I posted, which is the exact same request that applies in every scenario involving a crash, does not apply.
          • Nurio

            Nurio Cosmic Narwhal

            It just seems a bit silly and unattentive to say "If you have the Steam version" when he very clearly does not

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