Go Get Your Stuff Back! An Essential Quest Given on Death!

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by RogueYun, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. RogueYun

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    I put this here rather than in the quest section mostly because I believe it is a fault with the game mechanics I want to address rather than a feature... but I hope I am providing a good suggestion to fix that fault.

    The Problem!:
    Survival mode's dropping your inventory on death! There is a chance you have no idea where you died then you can kiss many hours of hard loot gathering gameplay goodbye! You can try looking for the tunnels you have dug or use preventative breadcrumb torch placement but I would like to propose a better solution!

    The Solution!:
    Give a "Stuff Retrieval" quest! I believe most of the programming work has already been done! Tag all the items that drop from the inventory with a quest marker so that the extremely valuable compass that comes with quests can guide the player in the direction he should go to retrieve his hard earned (but recently misplaced) loot stash!

    What if you die multiple times with multiple stacks of important stuff, you may ask? Simple! My idea covers that too! Each time you die you get ANOTHER quest to get your stuff back so when you open your quest menu you can pick which one you would like to follow. If there was nothing important in your inventory when you died you can easily click the abandon button.

    That is my idea in a nutshell! Thanks for the awesome game and keep up the good work!
  2. scaper12123

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  3. Starbounder82

    Starbounder82 Space Spelunker

    I'd say it's decent idea, but maybe something you can toggle on/off? Part of what makes survival somewhat challenging is in dying and dropping a good portion of what you're carrying. If you make it so you can find everything relatively easy... then why play survival? Just play normal and call it a day. If you're that worried about dying and dropping all your important stuff... put it all into storage before you go spelunking.
  4. scaper12123

    scaper12123 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    It's not so much an issue of finding things relatively easily but of actually finding your stuff. Most of the time, you die in a place that you took a roundabout path to take. especially if it's in a cave, it can be very hard to remember where your stuff dropped. At the very least, it would be helpful to have a temporary marker indicating where you last died.
  5. Ryder The Novakid

    Ryder The Novakid Lucky Number 13

    Good idea this would make finding thing easier and a heck' of alot less stressful, one problem will the quest duplicate if you die again after you lost your stuff and still haven't retrieved them?
  6. Trenix

    Trenix Twenty-three is number one

    To me the better idea is to not drop items upon death. I mean you already get punished with losing pixels, why do we also lose items? I ready modded my game to have this, but I believe it should be vanilla. Having a new quest for each death isn't the greatest idea. That could pile up real fast. A similar concept in a way exists for Minecraft with the journey map mod. Every time you die you get a new waypoint to your death location. You end up getting way too many waypoints which becomes very annoying. I'm sure if you'd get too many, you'd start to getting fps hits which is not what this game needs.
  7. sagenth

    sagenth Pangalactic Porcupine

    I don't think that would be an issue, since side quests are already not kept track of once completed. You can only track one quest at a time, so also no problem there. Maybe, and this is a big maybe, if you have died ~100 times, and not completed any of the associated quests yet. Then having 100 quests active may create a problem, however quests do not require any code to be run except for the compass which is only for the 'tracked quest' beyond that it is all just static data no processing required. So I don't see how it would create any amount of lag, except when you get on top of all your items when it adds those blue arrows over top all the dropped items. For that reason, maybe it should only tag weapons and armor.

    Completing the quest, now that could be a problem. Usually you talk to an NPC to get a reward for completing a quest and that marks the quest as complete, but here you're doing a quest for yourself. They could tack it into SAIL, but I think they wouldn't like that idea too much. So now they'd need to add some special code for this quest, which at that point might as well be treated as its own system and tacked onto the quest system. I'm not sure an elegant solution exists to this problem.

    However, let's say the devs don't mind using SAIL for this. Then upon respawn SAIL could give the quest, and thus complete the quest. Respawning is a ship function after all, or so I've come to believe, and SAIL manages ship functions (travel to missions, crew management).
  8. goldnin9a

    goldnin9a Intergalactic Tourist

    I agree. I died on a midnight planet and I got so disoriented. Still haven't found my stuff. Chucklefish definitely needs to fix. It was also in a cave in a glow biome so I didn't place torches... RIP

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