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    Uhhhh What....
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    shhhhhhhh soon.
    we just need to wait for nirn.
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    Uh...... Okay? (this is akward)
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    Mod out yet? (sorry for asking again lol) just wonderin since i'm too lazy RIGHT NOW to scroll halfway down ur post. Also besides that is there voting yet? EDIT: awww still not out yet :( ya I got off of my lazy butt.
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    I found this on google images and It was so funny i new i had to post it here.
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    Lore Update
    In the squiggles (~) is the introduction to the post apocalyptic era of Glunaught history. This era had the most effects on Glunaught culture today, and traditions that formed during this time are still practiced by many. Enjoy!

    By Nirn
    Edited by (The talented) Dragonith

    give him thanks for I am the grammar freaks worst nightmare.

    There was a time before the chaos, before the discovery of the Siccus, and before the social skirmishes for what country has the rights to it. On this planet much farther from own Earth, there was only one desert, and the people so accustomed to the humid atmosphere were frail to the unrelenting, deadly heat. In times of primitive surface civilizations, just after Glunaughts started to explore the surface, those who have seen just the borders of Siccus describe it as a "Demon's Land" a hell much closer than they could have expected. In this time before the fighting, Glunaughts were in a sense naive and were lucky to have fully operational lungs and gills. As time went on, their civilization, technology, and curiosity grew immensely.

    Eventually rival countries banded together in an diplomatic effort to make technology that could accommodate their moisture needs for extreme periods of time. Teams were assembled to explore the vast desert in an attempt to map the Demon's Land. Some came back fruitful, but most never returned. With each failure, they learned to adapt. They made improvements and learned from their mistakes. Trial and error however leaves many behind, with over thousands of suits and prototypes to combat the wilds going to waste. A corporation got a hold of these scrapped techs and by taping into the paranoid masses, made a nice little market by selling "Drought Suits.".

    "For soon the seas will dry and you will survive thanks to such a marvel!" the publicity blurb claimed.

    Many sold over time and just as many were thrown away.

    Over fifteen years of tirelessly combing the desert, Team #182 discovered something. They had discovered a structure they never seen before: A downed alien ship, and an extremely large one at that. The ship was located in uncharted territory, a desert unclaimed by none of the known factions. Once the team returned with this information it took the world by storm. Many thought they simply had gone mad. Although the exploration of the Siccus was a international diplomatic effort, not one country wanted to share. Fights broke out the moment the information was confirmed to be true. Bickering began, and as the spark flew into the kindle, war erupted over obtaining control of both the land and the gem discovered within.

    Thousands were killed in bombing and raids. Soldiers threw themselves into the flames for their nation's "rightful cause". This fighting showed no signs of subsiding and the violence only escalated over time. In the end, only five war torn empires were left standing. Neither of the five showed any sense of remorse or regret, only corruption and hate.

    In a last ditch effort to end the fighting once and for all, all sides fired their trump cards at one another: nuclear warheads. The devestating explosions that followed destroyed all in an inferno of fire and intense light. The world plunged into a nuclear holocaust for many months on end. When the dust settled, little was left. The land, sea, and sky were poisoned with toxicity levels of a grand scale. And it's surviving inhabitants? They were never the same, from physical and psychological standpoint.

    Today me , dragonith, and ghostar will be discussing final details of the thread and creating them. I hope to have it posted by the end of the month.
    We are mostly working on having something to actually show you guys when we post it. At the very least concept art.​
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    AWESOME!!!!! I wish my race was as epic as yours. (then again i'm terrible at pixel art and coding so :p)
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    don't put yourself down, I bet with practice your pixel art and coding will be delightful!
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    Thanks, If you want to check it out heres the link:
    It's still in heavy WIP

    Well took down the link. :p Don't want to steal your viewers N stuff
    Since posting a race link on someones own race page is a tad bit rude, I guess :/ I dunno Anyways I took it off just in case.
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    well my pixel art is terrible, and all i know is primarily web coding.... but I like your idea.
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  12. It's because that system is horrible, and has been horrible since it's been implemented. Things that are lucky and get points, just end up getting even more points, leaving everything else in the dust. Old, famous suggestions don't pop up on there, and instead, newly created ones show up. I would advise you don't even look at that suggestion... Whatever it is, and stick with looking them up yourself on the forums.
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  13. ... I legitimately forgot that existed.
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    Quiet for two years... This really is dead isn't it?
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    The last time Nirn visited the forums was 2 years ago, so yes.
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    *sigh* It's sad, and the mod would have been out by now if the devs didn't have a FIXED POUNT FOR THE ARMS.
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    ..But... they look so cool!
    I need to learn how to code.
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    I'm fairly sure they were abandoned for technical reasons, that and Nirn may have lost interest. The game's engine for playable characters can't support a sprite like them. However, the creator of the Gyrusen race mod is working on... a secret project... that features something very promising, sprite wise.
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    Thıs Is Axolotl Race Guys

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