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    This was too cute so I just had to make this:

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  2. Nirn

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    there may be trouble with that, for you see in the programming you cant change armor shape for one specific race, all the armor is the same for all. However we plan to try to either write our own programming or make a seperate class of armor for glunaughts, not sure yet.

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    Slow News Update!

    Hello! I would like to inform you all that I am not dead! Infact I am currently working very hard to bring you new content! Not only that but I now have my super duper fancy graphics tablet and I will be able to bring you higher quality art.

    In other news.
    The mod staring the Glunaughts, Dragoknights* , and gemetoiles has been met with some barriers with the devs changing to code on the regular basis it has made it hard for us to keep up with it, so we have stopped working on it at the moment, however we have plans to go on and pursue the more ascetic side of the mod which will lead to more art posts!

    We have not posted a thread for this mod yet because we would like to have some content for proof of development so you may have to wait on that.

    *we have confirmed that they are not, in fact, a pokemon.

    In related news.

    Once the new mod thread is up this thread will be deleted!
    Do not threat we will have numerous updates concerning Glunaughts in the newer thread, and if we get popular enough there are plans to form a Glunaught guild!
    We will also be re-working the Glunaught Data Base!

    Until then please enjoy the New weekly art works and updates that come to you.

    And finally.
    We have confirmed that we infact like the new office puppy.
    We commented, "Man, that earth mammal certainly is adorable."

    More on this soon.

    This concludes the news update!

  4. flamingbacon19

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    Space TURTLES!!!! I love this! 10/10! Cant wait for the mod! HOpe THis Gets In STARBOUND!!!
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    Well aboud damn time.
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  6. Zeklo

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    Oh yeah buddy! I knew me suddenly wanting to come back to the forums was a little odd! Now it makes perfect sense!
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  7. Zain Hallows

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    how are you still xD I donno man, I wanna play..but meh...anywho I cant wait to see your mod in its full...ness
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  8. Nirn

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    Thank you, and sorry for my absense it took me near two years to save for the tools I require, but it shall be worth it!
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  9. centor111

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    so many nostalgias. Do we have a steam group yet? Or are us "oldstars" dead? Also if you guys need intern style nutjob, we are all here waiting for a chance to use our skills. Add me on stuff like skype and steam. I don't want to miss a thing :rofl: unless no game no life or ggo is on.
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  10. Disco2

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    Nice mod, keep up the work!
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  11. centor111

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    Somthing i found on the starbound subreddit relating to mods with unusual race sizes.

    for the lazy:
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  12. Nirn

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    New Glunaught Info coming your way Tuesday, or earlier.

    until then, what do you guys hope to see in our new mod?
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  13. flamingbacon19

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    I want to see a tech that allows you to go into your shell and well take way less to no damage at all.
    Also, a thought for the shell on other races armors. Lets say that with every other "armor" that they make that is NOT their own racial armor they just cut a hole big enough for their shell to fit in. so you don't have to do much editing with the models. Just keep the shell pixels on the back.
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  14. Camera

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    Perhaps race armors and settlement mockups? :)
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  15. flamingbacon19

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    Both the glunaught and the drale are fabulous races I love the idea of "space turtles" and reminds me a lot of the ninja turtles but better, once both of them come out as a mod i'm going to download them strait away and play with both a Glunaught character and a Drale character. Both of these races are very well done and I just love the time that was put into it. The Glunaught idea is just great and I love it, Also it's easy to see a lot of time was put into it. I love the glunaughts. Also I will do some multiplayer with meh buds with your epic race(s).

    P.s I posted this on both the drales forum page and the glunaughts forum page as you see, the post is a bit different on each race because I wanted to say what I like about each different race.

    P.P.s Great job with the race! Its FANTASTIC.
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  16. Nirn

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    Types of Furniture.

    In the mod each races will have at least 3 styles of furniture. This along with other styles we intend to add will allow you to have a even wider variety of options for your glorious pad.
    Sorry for the small size, and the sloppy art I am still working on my tablet skills.

    The styles showcased here are for my race. The names are not final, and I may change them to add more variety but yes lemme tell you about them.

    First we have Regal, this style can be found in very rich players homes, or places of high regard such as temples. You will often find silks, fine art, and an abundance of rock and mineral collections. (only shiny ones ofcourse)

    Modern is your default style, it is clean sleek and has lots of holo tech for all those cool scifi scene needs. It is found in science facilities, library, ships, bases and cities. Although I failed to showcase it here you will be seeing a good amount of natural decorations with this particular style.

    Primitive can be found in villages of Glunaught's who have "turned back to the old ways". Theses villages are found underground and in swamps. You will not find villages near the lava level, you may, however, find a Scoria nest so be careful!

    Each style will have a good amount of water decorations to them, infact I may redo this little pictures to better showcase it. Just like with villages you can also find other Glunaught structures underground, however the others are not as limited as the primitive style.

  17. The Demon of Borders

    The Demon of Borders King Homestuck 4.13

    I'm liking it a lot so far, but I can't say I'd want to sit on that "regal" chair. Looks painful to me.
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  18. Bonabopn

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    Yeah you should probably call it something other than primitive, lots of floran furniture is called that.
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  19. Camera

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    Reminds me of the 3 crystal types I used, awesome :D
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  20. centor111

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    it scares me to think someone will have to do pixel art of them o.o
    there will be tears for whoever tries to draw the throne. "In the game of thrones, you win or you die." ~Twincester
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